Fat Loss HIIT Training Session

Fat Loss HIIT Training Session

Every Monday at 5.30pm on JHTV as part of our scheduled programming we have been putting out a series of really easy fitness sessions that you can do at home. Here are the last two in the series we filmed, a bodyweight leg session, as well as a running fitness session, so please check them out.

Bodyweight Leg Building Session

Running Fitness Session

This week the old Christmas spirit has really begun to take hold at JHHF, maybe it’s the result of Wasps winning their last four games on the bounce, including a bonus point victory against a certain French team called Toulon!

Therefore with all things Rugby, very much to the forefront. We have decided for this Monday’s JHTV Fitness special, to feature some of the workouts from James new Rugby EBook “An Introduction to Becoming and Remaining RugbyFit” to give it its full title!

The idea of the book is to help both young, aspiring players get an understanding as to what they need to be doing to make the grade. As well as helping more experienced players, who are looking for some inside knowledge to enable them to step-up a level.

In general for everyone interested be they male or female, young or old, to just get better and hopefully improve enough to perhaps be an England player one day. It happened for Joe Launchbury amongst others, so everything is possible!

James noticed there was nothing really like this book out there in the market. There are lots of self-help style manuals on specific positions and the like but nobody has sewn all the strands together to form one universal insider’s guide, covering all the key elements required from A to Z.

Plus in James case he has been fortunate enough to have been able to include all the unique information and inside experience he has gained, as a result of spending the last twelve years playing around the World in all four of the top domestic competitions in World Rugby, not to mention having played over sixty times for England.

During this journey, which is pretty unique for a current International, James has been lucky enough to work with some exceptional coaches and conditioners.

As a result of the unique knowledge acquired through working with some of the most acclaimed and respected coaches in the World. People like Warren Gatland, Sir Ian McGeechan, Shaun Edwards, Michael Cheika, Jamie Joseph, Euan McKenzie and of course Dai Young.

I have picked up a veritable Aladdin’s cave of tips, techniques and best practice.

As a result the book covers almost everything you will ever need to know to become a better rugby player:

  • Training techniques

  • Nutrition

  • Rugby specific training

  • Core skill drills

  • Weight training

  • Running conditioning

  • How to stand out in a trial

  • Rugby skills

  • Supplements

If you want to find out more about fitness and nutrition then please visit www.jameshaskell.com or go straight to the eBook page.

The video and workout for this week is all about HIIT training.

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, with the aim to accelerate fat burning whilst retaining lean muscle mass.

High Intensity Interval Training involves a series of very high intensity exercises, working to 90%+ of your maximum heart rate. For example, exercises based on sprinting, battle ropes, bodyweight work and the like, followed by a series of low intensity exercises, such as walking, steady peddling or rest.

So the pattern we want is High Intensity - Low Intensity.

HIIT for most people will more likely help preserve lean muscle tissue as opposed to long spurts of cardio. Plus mentally, a twenty minute HIIT session is far easier to knuckle down and do than spending hours pounding the treadmill.

HIIT sessions are a great way of getting a short, sharp, full-body conditioning blast. They also help you burn fat and stay in shape.

You will be working both aerobic and anaerobic training systems when undertaking a HIIT session and some of the other sessions that we cover off in this introduction guide.

Aerobic means “with oxygen,” and anaerobic means “without oxygen.”

Aerobic training is any activity that stimulates your heart rate and increases your level of breathing. However not to the point where you can’t sustain the activity.

Anaerobic training will have you out of breath in just a few moments, like when you sprint. Both of these energy systems are used in rugby. During a game of rugby you are probably working continuously for between 45-seconds to around 3-minutes max. These are hard, intense patches of play, where you are required to execute different core skills, such as ball carrying, tackling, chasing kicks and getting on and off the floor.

It is not about straight line running. So your training has to match up with these levels of intensity.

This is why something like HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is really important to add into your training plan.

Please watch the video here and follow the steps below:

Session 1

To really enhance the benefits of the session and to help push yourself to your max, I find taking one of my pre-trainer, Hades really helps. I always take two before I play for Wasps as do a number of the players. I find it helps me focus, gives me extra energy and has no side effects.

The Pre-Trainer is informed sport batch tested so they are absolutely guaranteed safe for all athletes and indeed all military personnel, who are only allowed to take Informed sport tested products. We have two versions, one for men and the other for women.

If you are interested click here for more information.

Session Instructions

You are working for 30-seconds on all these exercises and then resting for 90-seconds. Each one of these exercises is stand-alone. You perform 5 sets of an exercise before you move onto the next exercise.

Exercise One - Dumbbell Thrusters

30 seconds on, 90 seconds off x 5 sets. Move onto the next exercise.

Exercise Two - Rowing Machine

30 seconds on, 90 seconds off x 5 sets. Move onto the next exercise.

Exercise Three - Watt bike / Spin bike

30 seconds on, 90 seconds off x 5 sets. Move onto the next exercise.

Exercise Four - Mountain climbers

30 seconds on, 90 seconds off x 5 sets. Move onto the next exercise.

If you are training for fitness then make sure you eat properly and get a good recovery shake in or a meal. Here is a recipe idea if you want to try something new that has protein, carbs and fats.

If you are burning fat then I suggest that you just have a protein based meal or shake, as the fat burning process can last several hours after training.

We love getting your feedback, so please message us on our social media channels, Twitter and Instagram - @JamesHaskellHF using #AskHask.

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