FAQ’S - Lean Gains Bodybuilding Programme

What is the Lean Gains Bodybuilding Programme about?

The Lean Gains Bodybuilding Programme is a fully comprehensive 12-week training programme which, contains at its core both nutrition and training information. Unlike other programmes currently available on the market, here at JHHF we absolutely understand that Training and Nutrition go hand-in-hand and that one without the other, is really just a waste of time.

The uniqueness of our latest book is that we have correctly placed Nutrition at the very core, forming as it does an integral part of the whole programme.

In order to deliver this for you, we have teamed up with two separate, specialist nutrition companies; to make sure you have the food you need, in the form you require, to fuel your training, delivered direct to your door.

The simple truth being - If you follow this programme properly, you WILL get results. FACT.

Why did I write it?

Not a day goes by that I am not contacted on social media by both men and women of all ages wanting to know how I got into the shape I am in now.

Basically asking how you build lean muscle for both women and men.

On a personal note I didn't want to write this until I had written my RugbyFit book – "An Introduction to Becoming and Remaining RugbyFit” as getting big and ripped, is not what should be important to rugby players.

However I feel the time is now right to share my path into helping people to start to get into the shape I am now.

Who is it for?

This programme is for both men and women from aged 16 onwards. I can’t stress how important it is for women to appreciate this.

It is best suited to people who have had some previous training experience but it’s not essential.

Why are the weekly training guides separate from the programme?

We are promoting the training programme in weekly chunks, in order to make the whole process more manageable for you the user. In its current hard copy format, the book runs to some 600 pages. Therefore promoting it current format, would potentially create problems in its taking too long a time to download. Aside from the potential ongoing issues concerning management, manipulation and navigation.


However, everything can be viewed both on and offline via the JHHF App [Download for free here] which will make management very simple and straightforward. If you purchase the package through the App, it will be automatically there. Equally if you purchase through the Website, you will automatically be granted free access to view all the purchased packages via the JHHF App.

So how does the weekly process work?

At the moment you can download the comprehensive Lean Gains Bodybuilding Programme - Introduction manual, which covers the entire 12-week programme. You only need to purchase the manual once.

Then each week you simply download the specific week’s training session to go with the manual.

We are currently working on developing a comprehensive, inclusive EBook covering all the 12 weeks in one.

Can women really use it?

Yes, absolutely they can and indeed should.

Any woman who wants to get toned and bikini ready; this is the programme for you.

So many Fitness and Training programmes try to pretend you need to do something different for women, than you would for men. That is just pure marketing hype.

This programme will deliver brilliant results for women, as it will do for men, providing it is assiduously followed.

Is it also for Beginners?

Yes, because as with everything which JHHF produces, all the information and detail is explained very simply and clearly so that everyone, be they enthusiastic beginners or more accomplished and experienced trainers, can easily engage with and adopt.

However if you already have some training experience, then naturally that really helps and will certainly aid you in getting better results.

Can young people do this program?

I started lifting weights when I was 16, so yes you can engage with the plan from 16 onwards. However I would make sure it is always done under proper supervision and that any young person attempting to lift, always seek advice as to the correct approach and technique.

Obviously people have different opinions on when young adults should start lifting. If you want to Learn More then download my book – “An Introduction to becoming and remaining RugbyFit” as this will provide you with all the basics and advice you need to get started.

What if I am a beginner to lifiting weights?

This programme is tough and based on lifting weights. Therefore I recommend if you have never picked up a weight before, you seek professional advice to take you through the basics. All the sessions in the programme are explained in minute detail with pictures to back them up.

It may be the case you just do certain sections of this programme to build a base and then come back when you are comfortable and a bit more competent, before completing the balance.

We suggest in the training section how to best follow the programme if you find it a struggle. However please be aware that you can easily extend this programme well beyond the 12 weeks if needed, without affecting any of the expected results.

Can I move the training programme around?

Although ideally we would want you to follow the programme and process to the letter, in the established and designated sequence. You can move certain parts of the daily programme around. For example when you do leg weights and upper body.

If you do move sessions around, make sure you don't exercise the same body part two days in a row. However you can’t remove the rest days from the programme or take sessions out.

You need to keep the same amount of rest days, but you can move them around if needed. So you could keep your training to just week days if need.

However I would repeat this programme has been very carefully devised and planned for you to get the best out of it.

If you find something particularly hard, you can adapt the exercise or stick with it until you get better. This programme is not about doing just the things you like or want to do; the idea is for you to follow it to the letter.

What happens if you get injured or ill?

Injury and illness happens to us all. Should either of these unfortunately occur, please make sure you mark down where you are in the programme and go back to it when you are able to perform again.

Try not to train when ill or injured, as this can prolong both for far longer than needed. Do not worry if you miss Sessions. The most important thing is you keep eating on track. If you keep that side up you won’t lose too much time.

If you have an injury to a certain area but are fit otherwise, then you can adapt the sessions to avoid this area and continue to keep making progress.

Can I eat out?

Of course you can eat out. However you will need to make sure you do this within your allotted macros. I know this is not always possible but if you start using the App Myfitness pal to track everything you are doing, this will make things easier.

I would not be looking to eat out often though, especially if you have decided to have your food delivered direct to your door by Fresh Fitness Foods. However life is for living and if you want to change things up now and then, then absolutely do so. Just make sure you always make the appropriate compensations.

Do I have to take supplements?

No of course you don't have to take supplements.

We have made loads of suggestions to help you get the best results out of this programme. Taking some specific supplements is just one small part.

We have stressed right from the beginning that diet has to be your number one priority and your first port of call. That is why we have factored in the two nutrition solutions. The first where you have food delivered to your door aligned to a bespoke and fully customized nutrition programme. The second being you create your own nutrition plan from specialist food again delivered direct to your door by Foods for Fitness and then either using the nutritional consultancy service or all the “simple steps” macro information and calculator we have supplied, create your own diet and meal plan.

Will I still get results if I don't take the Fresh Fitness Food option?

While we suggest if you live within the M25 corridor, this is probably the best way to follow the programme, if you don’t have much nutritional experience. To be fair we have also made it really simple for you to create your own meal plan.

The lessons we will teach will help you for the rest of your life.

You will get amazing results by creating your own programme. Plus as already said we have provided the option of a qualified nutritionist to give you a starter consultation.

Eating healthy and abundantly is not expensive or hard to do, whatever you might think. Our ambition is to show you just how simple and easy it can be.

Advice for vegetarians and vegans?

You can still absolutely engage with and follow this programme if you are vegetarian or vegan.

However I would recommend you seek the professional nutrition advice we have on offer. Either by signing up to Fresh Fitness Foods, where the consultation is all part of the service or you use the services of the nutritionist we provide, when needed. Both of these methods will help you get the most out the progress.

Can I use this training programme during the season?

I would suggest it is probably best not to follow this programme whilst in the rugby season or in fact during “the season” of any sport.

You will get super sore from this type of training.

You do not want to be in a size building phase whist trying to perform a regular and physical sport. It will not help you. The best time to do this programme is either in the off season or in pre-season.

However if you just play sport socially then of course it won’t be a problem to follow this programme at any time.

Can I do this programme if I don’t have all the equipment or don’t have access to a proper gym?

Sadly no. You need access to free weights and machines for this programme. If you don't, you won’t be able to get the results you want.

There are certain sessions you could convert to doing via a bodyweight session but 90% of the time the proper equipment is required, which means access to a properly equipped gym.

Can I train fasted/intermittent fasting?

This programme is all about putting on size. The key to it is eating well and in a calorific surplus. You do not want to try doing any part of this fasted.

It will not help you get the results you want.

Why are there no suggested weights for each exercise?

I explain about this more in the actual Lean Gains Bodybuilding Programme but to put it simply, we cannot safely or effectively tell you the precise weight or even a weight range to be used for each exercise because everyone following the Lean Gains Bodybuilding Programme will be in different condition.

However we appreciate you will need some guidance in this regard. So what we can suggest is the percentage of your 1 rep max you should be lifting for each exercise, can be easy calculated by using the handy chart which is included within the package.

However we must stress again, this is merely a suggestion not a piece of definitive advice.

If you can lift more than the suggested percentage for the given number of reps, lift more.

If you can’t lift as much as suggested, then absolutely lift less.

It all comes down to you making the decision based on your own capabilities. ALWAYS remembering this is a marathon NOT a sprint. So it is better to start very conservatively and build up.

What happens if I go over on my daily Macros?

Firstly this is not the end of the world at all.

If you go over on one macro, you should drop the others down so your total daily calories intake remains the same.

Everything will balance itself out in the end. Also because you are trying to gain size and aren’t too worried about extra body fat, just accept the fact you have gone over and crack on.

If you have any specific questions please either engage with us over social media @jameshaskellHF or email us directly at askhask@jameshaskell.com

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