YOUR Fitness Questions Answered - with Chloe and James

YOUR Fitness Questions Answered - with Chloe and James

JHTV is really excited to welcome back Chloe Madeley onto the sofa to answer your twitter questions. 

It's not every day we are lucky enough to have someone like Chloe in the studio, who has been living what she has been preaching, for a number of years now. This puts her in a great position to be able to give you some really good tips and valuable background Information.

Chloe is a real inspiration in the fitness world. Visit for great advice as well as view some amazing content on the site.

We gave all of our social media followers from @JamesHaskellHF twitter and Instagram, as well as our YouTube channel, the chance to ask Chloe and James anything you wanted regarding fitness, nutrition and supplements.

The accompanying video is part of a two-part video set, which we hope will provide you with a real insight as to how to achieve those fitness goals to which you aspire. There is a special focus on women’s fitness. 

Please let us know if you liked this video and what else you would like to see JHTV focus on. James does not just do interviews he has loads of actual sessions for you to try. Subscribe to our channel

If you fancy a fat loss workout then check this out. It's a tough short HIIT session. 


James is proud to announce the launch of his first EBook – “An Introduction to Becoming RugbyFit” which is available in two formats including a video plus version.

In its near 100 pages, this fully illustrated book offers a unique professional insight into the great sport of Rugby, gleaned through playing in all the top four leagues in the world, as to what it really takes to learn to Train Like a Pro.

The book includes: 


-Key exercises




-Rugby specific training

-Rugby skills

-Supplement advice

If you want to find out more about fitness and nutrition then please visit or go straight to the EBook page

Please remember to tune next Friday at 10.30am to JHTV for the second part of YOUR Fitness Questions Answered

If you want to get a question to James and Chloe, then please do tweet them by using @JamesHaskellHF and #AskHask

– Entry was posted on October 2nd, 2015 by James Haskell

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