We are at it again; rubbing shoulders with YouTube legends!

We are at it again; rubbing shoulders with YouTube legends!

JHTV is delighted to welcome back the deadly duo aka The Lean Machines.

We filmed a series of videos with the lads a while ago but whilst going through our archives, we came across this hitherto unseen two-part gem.

We are putting out Part One today with Part Two being released on 23rd October at 1.30pm. So make sure you subscribe to our channel www.youtube.com/thejameshaskell and make a diary note, so you don't miss a thing.

As you will have seen from our YouTube channel, we have often put our guests through our quick-fire question routine. We ask the questions nobody else does. Well that's not strictly true, but at least we do ask some interesting questions!

The aim of the quick fire interview routine is to go a bit left field in our relentless quest to bring our viewers some gems they wouldn't normally know. All in the name of banter!!!

The guys from The Lean Machines are good sports and fully immerse themselves into the role.

Obviously we made everyone dress-up, it's the only way to be when under the spotlight of “Hask's quick-fire question routine”

Please let us know how what you thought of the interviews and what questions you would like us to add onto our list when we undertake another Hask’s quick-fire question routine.

If you want to see more people reveal their secrets then check out our next quick fire questions routine with:

 Emily Scarret (Women’s Rugby World Cup Winner) 

 Chloe Madeley 

It’s not all banter though, we have loads of serious tips, advice and sessions for aspiring and established rugby players, fitness enthusiasts or maybe someone contemplating taking up some form of exercise for the first time. So please visit our website www.jameshaskell.com.

If you have been contemplating looking to improve your rugby and step-up your training to the next level, then I have the perfect solution for you. I have just finished writing a Rugby specific fitness and training EBook, which covers off all the key areas you need to know.

Amongst the many topics I cover in the book are:

- High Intensity Interval Training
- Resistance Training
- Bodyweight
- Running Fitness
- Power Endurance
- Rugby Skills
- Nutrition
- Supplements

If you want to read more about the background to the book, then click here.

Or take a sneak preview of the book for yourself here.

If you have any questions then tweet us @JamesHaskellHF or Instagram us @JamesHaskellHF using #AskHask

– Entry was posted on October 16th, 2015 by James Haskell

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