Training the Abs - Part 2 With Sara Malm

Training the Abs - Part 2 With Sara Malm

Here is the video to the second part of my training session with Sara Malm of the Daily Mail online:

We published Part One of the abdominal workout session a week ago on Monday.

However if you missed Part One then please check it out here.

If you enjoyed Part One and like Sara, want to start or keep getting Hella fit (Hella is our award winning, Informed Sport [Informed Sport video and blog] approved female pre-trainer and fat-burner) then please do watch this second part, as Sara, as indeed are we, is very passionate about encouraging women to get in shape by leading from the front!

Hopefully this will be a great session for you. We do recommend you take some time to watch Part One as the two videos come as a conjoined package.

You can add this Abs session in after your normal daily workout or you can keep it as a whole session which you do instead of other training.

You can tailor it to your precise needs and ability, by changing the number of sets and reps. However key to this is technique, so please make sure you get the technique spot on. If you find you are struggling then you may need to make the session slightly simpler and then progress up.

This session is not really for beginners, but you can take elements out of it and make up your own session. Part Two is a little more difficult than Part One, so you really need to concentrate and take your time.

Session 2

1) Press-up position foot slides x 10. (5 each side) x 3 sets

Rest for between 45-seconds to a minute between sets.

2) Partner resisted lean backs x 10 x 3 sets

Rest for between 45-seconds to a minute between sets.

3) Hanging knee raise x 10 reps x 3 sets

Rest for between 45-seconds to a minute between sets.

4) Sprinter crunches x 20 reps x 3 sets

Rest for between 45-seconds to a minute between sets.

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