The Simple, Effective Meal Transportation Solution that is Isolator Bags

The Simple, Effective Meal Transportation Solution that is Isolator Bags

When you are constantly busy and rushing around, it can be incredibly difficult to ensure you regularly eat the right things to help fuel your training. When hunger strikes, as often as not we reach for the closest thing we can find, which most of the time tends to be the very thing we probably shouldn’t really be eating.

As is our constant mantra at JHHF, a good nutrition plan is at the very epi-centre of any and all successful exercise plans and routines. Therefore it is crucial, if you really are serious about wanting to adapt to a more healthy lifestyle, to be able to manage your diet and nutrition needs both at home and whilst out on the go.

This is where the Isolator bag comes into its own. The Isolator bag, or Iso bag as it is more frequently known, is certainly one very proactive solution. The bag, which comes in three basic meal formats, enables you to pre-prepare your food in advance for the day, before you leave the house and then eat on the go when you need.

The Iso bag is ideal for organising your daily meal plan. The simple design of the bag makes it a very easy and convenient way to transport your food around, wherever you might be going. The stylish design of the backpack does not look out of place be it in the workplace or the gym.

The insulated section where the food containers sit, keeps food cold for between 12-16 hours, depending on the prevailing climate/temperature of your environment.  

The main compartment of each of the bags, holds the relevant number of well-portioned meals – 3, 4 or 6-meal options. Every Isobag comes with its own food containers and ice packs.

This innovative bag, has made managing your nutritional goals very straight-forward and simple. So if you just need a little push to get your daily meal plan organised, these bags are exactly what you need.

The Iso Bag is going to give you the edge, as it helps smoothly combine both your professional and fitness life, as the bags offer the perfect meal management system, enabling you to carry all of your meals with you, so you never go hungry or miss a meal, wherever you might be.

As we have been saying for years –“ Tupperware is your best friend" and now you can not only have a cool bag in every sense of the word to carry your things around but you can also have your fresh meals as well!

We have a very strict and ethical endorsement policy at JHHF. James will only ever publically advocate, recommend or write about products he feels will be of interest and benefit to his readers/followers, which he personally has tried, regularly uses, fundamentally believes in and where the value and build quality, match or exceed his expectations.

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– Entry was posted on October 19th, 2015 by James Haskell

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