The Key to Successful Recovery

The Key to Successful Recovery

As you may or may not know, I recently had an operation on my foot!

The timing of all this is not great – but then is it ever. In fact part of the healing process is getting the mental side right. Sure when you are on crutches and generally pretty incapacitated it’s so easy to moan, generally feel sorry for yourself, believe the world is conspiring against you and become down and depressed.

So focusing on the challenge ahead, setting yourself milestones, goals and generally believing this is actually a great opportunity, rather than a set-back, to come back faster, fitter, stronger and even more effective than before.

I am shortly going to be filming a recovery diary talking you through my daily battles, struggles, successes and failures to help other people in a similar situation know and understand they are not alone in this and that together we can all help each other get though this and out the other side in the best possible shape – mentally and physically.

Anyhow more about this later.

So back to me. As a consequence of my operation I have been unable to train or do any form of conditioning. This is full surgeon’s orders!

I have to allow the wound to heal properly, as it's in a really tricky area. With Ops like mine sadly you just can’t afford to rush things, however tempting it might be. It’s important to note that post Op; you are always at risk of infection, so you can’t get the area wet, that's means either by water or through sweat.

So for those of you who follow or my YouTube channel you know I love my training and rugby. So this period has been super hard for myself and anyone around me. The expression “a bear with a sore head” comes to mind. Although remember what I said above about the importance of the mental side of all this. You have to channel your thoughts positively

So the view is the upside of all this is that it has allowed other areas of my body to rest, which is great. Although of course I would like the option to train and keep my muscles toned if I could.

During this frustrating period, I sort some positives, so I looked around the market and found a solution to my problems.

I got myself a Compex.

It’s an awesome bit of kit that helps stimulate your muscles. It can improve healing but critically it slows down muscle wastage. There are also settings to build muscle!! They are used the world over by athletes and physio’s to help rehab injuries.

You may have heard about them or seen people using them before, but If you haven’t, then I have put a video together showing you how I use it, and what it is all about.

One of the many reason behind the Compex is to provide people who can’t move, or are in need of serious rehab, something to use to train and help them on their journey back to fitness. There are no excuses not to be able to get some work done, no matter what state you are in.

Even when you can move, you would for example wear the unit whilst you are squatting to really engage particular muscle groups.

There is no escaping the fact they are expensive bits of kit but what price would you put on a full and positive recovery and to retain some if not most of the muscle mass you have built up over the years?

If you want to get one and I wouldn’t ever be without mine I have sorted out an amazing 15% discount with the company just for my followers. So if you are in a similar position to me and absolutely need one, to qualify just enter the code JHHF at the checkout point on their website

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I am always posting training content, nutrition information, funny videos, rugby tips as well as behind the scenes videos. Plus as I said above I will shortly be starting my recovery diary.

– Entry was posted on August 15th, 2016 by James Haskell

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