Running Fitness Workout

Running Fitness Workout

Welcome to another in the free James Haskell Health & Fitness [JHHF] series of Training without a Gym.

Last week James showed you how to build your legs. This week is for those of you looking to get both generally fit as well as more specifically getting fit to play rugby.

As A.A.Milne, author of the Winnie-the-Pooh books famously said:

“A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise”

But how and what to do, as Pooh might say?

As we clearly state, at JHHF our simple mission is to help and educate people to become more knowledgeable about general training and nutrition. So our remit is to help you avoid all the common mistakes and ensure all you do is relevant and purposeful.

It is a recurring mystery, why when people want to get fit, they suddenly put on a pair of dodgy trainers and go road running. When have you ever looked at a marathon runner and acclaimed “I want that body!!” It has never happened ever or if it has, get the person in question to seek out a good shrink!

Aside from the often very strange gait and deathly pallor, which seems to accompany most male joggers of a certain age. Who the hell wants to go running for hours on end, unless you are a tri-athlete, training for a specific race, event or a distant relative of Brendan Foster.

Personally I want training to be intense, short and sharp. Certainly no longer than two hours at the very outside. Plus ideally it needs to be exciting and fun. Or at the very least something that isn’t monotonous.

Today’s session is something you can do on any grass surface you can find. It will help you burn fat and increase your endurance levels. It is the type of fitness we use to get rugby fit and this is the kind of session I would pull out, to help top up my fitness levels during the season.

If you want to know more about getting fit for rugby or fit in general, covering topics like endurance improvement, muscle building, fat loss, rugby skill improvements, then please check out my new EBook “An introduction to becoming and remaining RugbyFit” here. You don't have to be a rugby player to get benefit from this book. It is a training and nutrition bible which you can keep going back to and referencing.

Today’s session is a mixture of shuttle running, with down-and-ups and some bear crawls. You would ideally do this on a grassed area or a good surface, an Astro turf would work or a 3g pitches if you are lucky to belong to a club which has one. The length of the area is important for the first part of this workout.

This session has been designed for an individual at any level, However if you are not used to training then I would increase the rest periods and make sure you don’t go mad to start with. You are working for part of it within specific times, i.e. 25 seconds. You can extend or shorten this subject to your prevailing levels. Remember looking to becoming and remaining fit is about a lifestyle choice, not a sprint.

I have explained what you should do in written instructions but it’s important you also watch the video to fully understand what it is you are being asked to do. Here it is:

If you have any questions then please comment on the video or tweet us using #AskHask

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I would recommend taking my all natural; multiple award-winning Informed Sport approved pre-trainer Hades before a session. Or if female, my pre trainer for women, Hella.

You will need a subtle boost before this session and both Hades/Hella will definitely give you the boost you need. I take it before a match for Wasps as do other players like Ashley Johnson. If you want to find out more about my range of supplements, then please visit my website here.

Today’s Session

Part One

Runways – You are working for 30-seconds. With 20-seconds rest in between reps. You are looking to perform six reps in total.

You start off lying on your chest. Jump up and run out five metres. Then running backwards, return back to the starting line. Perform a down-up, run out 10 metres/to the 10-metre line if on a pitch. Turn around and run back to the starting point.

Perform another down and up and then run as far as you can within the remaining 25 seconds.

You have 25 seconds in total to complete the whole exercise. You then either walk back to the beginning or ideally start the exercise start again, as part of the six you need to complete in total, from the other end of the pitch/area.

X ------------ X ----------- X --------------------------------------------------------------------- X

Start   5m        10m                As far as you can run in 25 seconds

Once you have completed six reps of this. Rest for two minutes

Part Two

Bear crawl - mark out an area of 20 metres. Start on your chest. You are bear crawling out to the 20-metre line, then turning and crawling back to the start. You are working for 20 seconds, with 30 seconds rest between reps. You should be doing five reps in total.

Rest for two minutes. [NB: The rest period must be adjusted to suit your current fitness profile]

Part Three

Press-up shuttles - Start on your chest. Perform 5 -press-ups as quickly as you can. Then get up and run 30- metres. Perform 5 x press-ups and sprint back to the start line. You are doing this 5 times in total. Rest for 25- seconds between each of the five reps. [NB: The rest period must be adjusted to suit your current fitness profile]

At the end of the full session, please make sure you warm down correctly in order to recover properly. Remember you need to eat the right foods to help you recover.

It always important to Dress like a Pro as well as Train like a Pro. So If you like the vest I am wearing in the video then you can get it here on our website. I would go a size smaller than you think for the vests, as they are a generous fit. For example I am wearing a large in the video.

– Entry was posted on November 23rd, 2015 by James Haskell

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