Why Write a Book?

Why Write a Book?

Writing I am told can sometimes be a very cathartic process. I suppose in my case it was. I am very passionate about my subject. Not evangelic or fundamentalist, as I absolutely understand not everyone has the ambition or indeed desire to take things to the extreme; preferring to find and be comfortable within their own determined levels. However I think passionate is right for me.

Undoubtedly Society, with all its immediate access to news, information, opinions, statistics via social media and live 24 hour TV, is a wiser, more informed place. Better? Well that’s a debate for another day.

With this new wisdom and knowledge, people, now more than ever, understand the need for the taking and performing of exercise. They also “get-it” that you just can’t keep on eating fast food and drinking fizzy drinks. However this is where the great disconnect kicks-in.

They understand the rationale and logic behind the facts but they don’t actually know what they should be doing about it in real terms to put it right. 

What do I actually need to do when I visit the gym? What should I really be eating?  

The same principles apply across the board and no more so than in training for Sport. Take Rugby as an example. 

Apart from running around the field, up and down the field, throwing the ball up in the air and catching it. Kicking the ball up in the air and catching it! Aside from a few press-ups and star jumps, what does someone actually need to do pre-season, to get themselves into the team?

So here I stand, over twelve years a professional player, having played in the top four domestic leagues in the World, as well as Internationally against all the top sides. 

I have had the immense good fortune to work with some of the very best coaches, trainers, conditioners, nutritionists, as well as the misfortune to work with a number of their counterparts from the very opposite end of the scale. 

So I have absolutely learnt the hard way right from wrong!

I decided, rather than continue to answer individually and on a daily basis all the emails I get on this subject. Instead I would write all the answers down in one big book. 

Why? Because I am passionate about the game of rugby and passionate about my training and the endeavors I make to try to become a better player.    

Plus it really saddens me to see all these young, aspiring players fall into the sticky trap of thinking that size is all that matters. Then embarking on a very dangerous and potentially harmful journey to “Get Bigger”.

Therefore I am really excited to announce my first training EBook “An Introduction to Becoming and Remaining RugbyFit” to give it its full, wordy but nevertheless apposite title. 

It’s taken me a year to write film and get as near perfect as possible but now it’s done.

The idea behind the book was definitely not to be fundamentalist in “You must do it my way” but instead to be informative, helpful, explanatory but above all balanced. 

The aim being to solve the puzzle, complete the jigsaw and provide the missing “How-To” solution for all those young rugby players or indeed players of any age group, be they male or female, wanting to either start training or to step-up to make themselves a better player. 

As already said I get questions all the time across all my social media channels about workouts, nutrition programmes, skill drills and bulking programmes. So instead of just providing one off answers to individuals I decided to set-out my last twelve years of experience in a near 100+ page book. 

I have kept it comprehensive yet simple, which is the message and basis behind my Fitness Company James Haskell Health and Fitness www.jameshaskell.com.

I wanted to provide professional level advice broken down for any user.

Indeed you don't have to be a rugby player to enjoy the book, as I cover off general aspects of training and nutrition, which resonate across the board, whatever sport you may do. Although I would at this juncture stress each and every sport has its own specialist areas. So although what I am setting out as core principles are certainly the foundation stones for all sports, outside of rugby, you do need to seek specialist advice if you want to progress beyond the levels I have set. 

The guiding principle and ambition behind the book is to teach you to Train like a Pro.

This book is the ideal introduction for people who have never trained before or for people looking to get into proper training. It is definitely not position specific and is open and applicable to both men and women. 


The EBook is available in two basic versions with additional supplement package bolt on. 

The classic EBook is a fully illustrated, but text only book, which can be viewed on I Phone, I Pad as well as online. 

The Video Plus edition is the self same offering but it features individual chapter video introductions from James, explaining and setting-out the rationale behind each group of exercises. Additionally there is an individual video clip for each exercise detailed in the book – so nearly 50 videos in all.

The EBook is available on line through the website www.jameshaskell.com as well as through our new app, which is launching very shortly.

The App can be downloaded for free from both the iTunes app store as well as being available for all Android devices as well. 

Click the link below to learn more 


So finally what do you get when you purchase the RugbyFit EBook? 

It’s jam-packed with information, covering off the following areas:

- Explanation as to the best type of training

- Correct warm-up

- Weekly training programme

- HIIT training explained, with sessions

- Resistance training explained, with sessions

- Rugby specific training

- Bodyweight training

- Power endurance

- Core skills drills

- Nutrition

- Supplements

- Recipes and food plan

- Key and oft asked questions addressed 

- How to perform in a Trial match

- How do I get bigger 

Every one of these sections has detailed explanations of why I would use this training, what it is, what is the benefit and session for you to follow. If you purchase the app or video version you will have access to bonus recipes, as well as videos on all the exercises and sessions mentioned.

To make things really easy for the user we have videoed every exercise so you know what you are doing. Everything is broken down and made super simple for players of any level, young or old. You can access it on your smart phone, via and app and ipad. You can also view it on your computer.

In my opinion this is the best training eBook out there, of course I am biased but I have looked at large number from other companies, and tried them out.  As a young player I wish I had, had access to this when I was coming through school. There is so much poor advice and second-guessing out there. Parents are giving kids the wrong advice and kids are focusing on the wrong areas. With this book, it’s all mapped out for you. 

I have worked tirelessly to make this the best-presented, most professional eBook out there in the market. No body in the fitness industry presents there online downloads like this. The book was solely written by me and it’s only the beginning. For every section of the book we are going to have extensive guides and training programs so you can really starting getting the results you want.

If you want to find out more about what we do then have a look out this video


If you have more questions about the eBook then contact us on my social media channels

Twitter - @JamesHaskellHF and Instagram - @JamesHaskellHF.

Or contact us through our website www.jameshaskell.com.

– Entry was posted on October 14th, 2015 by James Haskell

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