Educating and Training a Team about Nutrition

Educating and Training a Team about Nutrition

As those regular followers of JHHF and JHTV will have gathered by now, our theme and constant message since the back end of last year, as we built up to the launch of James’s latest book The Lean Gains Bodybuilding Programme has been all about the critical importance of Nutrition.

In fact quite uniquely in his new 12-week bodybuilding training programme, nutrition forms the very core of the book with JHHF incorporating a number of bespoke nutrition options tailor made to the individuals exact requirements, in order to fuel their body to enable them to train effectively, safely and comprehensively.

As James says, training without the proper accompanying nutrition plan is frankly all a bit of a waste of time.

So in keeping with our constant mantra and in an effort to further re-enforce this vital message for this Saturday’s JHTV 10.30am rugby slot we have decided to rerun a video we filmed with Reading University Men’s’ Rugby Club, which is focussed round this very point

As said a season or so ago we teamed up with Reading University rugby club, our local university team, to give them some much needed help with their general training regime, as well as talking to them about nutrition and what they should try to be aiming for despite all the temptations of University life.

It was very positive experience for both parties and the partnership worked really well. Plus we hope that some if not all of the lads playing at the time reaped the benefit of James expert tuition and knowledge in this area and have carried it to the clubs with whom they are now playing

– Entry was posted on January 9th, 2016 by James Haskell

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