Rugby Fitness Blast

Rugby Fitness Blast

This is a session that I did the other day in my down week from the 6 nations tournament. Due to the volume of rugby training we do, and the fact that I get a lot of running through my legs in the week, when it comes to conditioning I like to do it in the gym and take some of the running load out of it. This is a quick session that I put together that targets the whole body and gets a good level of fatigue without leaving you sore.

The idea is to try and mimic the kind of feeling you have when you are working continuously during a match. This is a full body circuit which will hit your legs and upper body.

You are doing the following in order with no rest. Once you have done the 4 exercise you rest, then repeat the whole circuit 5 times.

Versaclimber - 20 seconds flat out.

Battle ropes - Double waves. 20 seconds flat out.

Lizard crawl - 10meters back and forth for 20 seconds flat out.

Medicine ball slams - 20 seconds flat out.

Rest 1.20

Repeat x 5

Tips - Take my pre trainer Hades or Hella 30mins before your work out, to get an awesome boost and burn some fat.

– Entry was posted on February 25th, 2015 by James Haskell

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