The background to JHHF’s new EBook BookSnacking cutting-edge technology

The background to JHHF’s new EBook BookSnacking cutting-edge technology

YUDU are a digital publishing and retailing platform, who have recently launched BookSnacking, a browser-based feature that allows publishers like JHHF, to distribute excerpts and samples of their latest titles either online, via blogs, websites and/or social media.

Richard Stephenson, Managing Director of YUDU, said their BookSnacking technology allowed publishers to upload a PDF to the BookSnacking database, which YUDU then convert into high resolution extracts, which in turn become easily accessible online links.

Once a potential consumer clicks on a BookSnack, the content loads quickly and allows the user to read an excerpt, make notes and share with friends via social media or email.

People can read the extracts immediately; all due to the browser-based environment meaning there is no need to download an individual app. This provides them with the ability to seamlessly sample the book to decide if it’s right for them.

Stephenson added. “It’s like Amazon’s ‘look-inside-the-book’ but our solution is more feature-rich and more intuitive for the reader.”

The idea is to emulate the bookstore experience by allowing the user to pick up a book and check it out. The technology is responsive and will work on mobile and desktop devices.

This is why JHHF uses BookSnacking. It is a very simple yet smart way of reproducing the look, feel and purpose of a bookstore, by offering customers a hassle-free method to investigate sections of a new book without being burdened by password walls and sign-up barriers.

Why is this important?

The most recent research clearly shows, in spite of the doom and gloom surrounding the now-exhausted “print vs. digital” debate, bound print books are still very popular and show no sign of diminishing.

The consequence of BookSnacking?

We believe our potential customers will be better serviced as a result of what BookSnacking is endeavoring to replicate, namely the experience of a bookstore.

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– Entry was posted on October 16th, 2015 by James Haskell

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