Sara Malm Lean Gains Review - Week 9

Sara Malm Lean Gains Review - Week 9


Helloooo arms!

It’s cool when your body does things you didn’t expect it too. Like grow muscle in places where you thought it could only expand into wobbles of fat.

I had the same feeling with the Abs4April challenge last year, when I didn’t think I was the kind of person who could get definition on my stomach – but did.

I have always had flabby, flappy arms. They’re my second-least favourite part of my body (after my bottom) because even when the rest of my body is a size 10, they are resolutely a size 14.

So getting stronger and stronger and seeing different types of muscles appear on my arms is pretty cool. I knew I would get arm muscles (I’m not as dumb as I look) but I assumed that they would stay underneath my permanent fat-layer.

It’s a positive boost, especially as I’m starting to get bored of doing 100 back squats and still not having an ass like Kim Kardashian. I’m a results kinda gyal.

As for my abs, I’ve stopped aiming for the mental six-pack. To be quite honest - for those kinds of results I would have to give up my entire social life and it's been suffering enough these past 10 weeks.

Even if I go see friends after work and don't drink, it means getting to bed after 11, which with my 6am work alarm doesn't roll.

Aesthetic perfection is a hard earned choice. This week it’s one I’m opting out of. For the sake of my sanity.

– Entry was posted on May 12th, 2016 by James Haskell

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