Sara Malm Lean Gains Review - Week 6/7

Sara Malm Lean Gains Review - Week 6/7

Weeks 6/7 [‘Cos I was on holiday!!]

Leading up to my trip to Argentina, I was met with many, probably well meant as well as intended to be  encouraging, outbursts of: "oh, training to get a bikini body, eh?!"

My simple reply - Oh do eff off.

I am so damn tired of the concept of "bikini body" aligned to the idea of training to obtain one.

Because when people say "bikini body" they don't mean my body in a bikini, no, what they really mean the westernised ideal female body in a bikini.

And in the words of the inimitable Bea Bradsell: F*** that noise.

No. If I'm anything, I'm certainly not training to get bikini ready.

I'm training to get comfortable enough in my own skin, bones, muscle and tits to take my clothes off on a public beach. To feel confident enough to wear tiny pieces of Lycra without constantly thinking about how they make me look (which you inevitably still do, but just not as much!!)

To feel strong enough to lower the beach towel and go "yes, this is what I look like in my smalls, AND WHAT?"

I'm training to become the best version possible of myself, which is how you get bikini ready (and possibly – hopefully - also laid).

On these notes: If you are planning on going on holiday at any point during JHHF Lean Gains, I would recommend to try to fit in during Week 7 aka Download Week.

As all exercises are bodyweight with NO equipment is needed, I could easily do these in my room on the estancia in Corrientes where I’ve just spent the past nine days (not even trying not to brag).

However I have thrown in a few holiday snaps for the hell of it!

– Entry was posted on April 27th, 2016 by James Haskell

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