Learn all about the brilliant new supplement we are launching on the JHHF Website – R5 Aminos

Learn all about the brilliant new supplement we are launching on the JHHF Website – R5 Aminos

During the period of our corporate re-branding and the re-launch of our own bespoke Supplement range. I am always on the look-out for a product that I really like, which works, is absolutely clean and that I feel really confident you guys can take and most importantly will work for you, doing what its says on the tine.

Hades and Hella will be back. Albeit with new names and brand new packaging but never fear, it will always be the same old highly successful formula, which I know you all agreed really worked.

However in the meantime I feel this is the best product out there, to help you Perform and Recover.

There are so many people, way too many people out there taking supplements when they don't need them or worst still supplements that just don't work. That's why I try to always be totally honest and upfront about what I take, and what I think.

R5 Aminos is the product I recommend you look at taking, if you are serious about your training and Recovery. It’s something I have used for a while before going to bed, to aid recovery and adaptation.

It really important for you all to understand that I would never take or recommend anything that I don't absolutely use myself.

Everything on my site that I sell, is all stuff that plays a part in my normal daily routine.  R5 Aminos have been a cornerstone of what I do for quite a while now.

The R5 Aminos were originally given to me by Matt Lovell, the former England Rugby Nutritionist, who created the product himself. He has been developing it for years.

Matt worked with the England Rugby Team for a number of years. After the Rugby World Cup in 2003 he continued working with different professional rugby teams, for the RFU, UK Athletics in the lead-up to the 2012 Olympics as well as carrying out personal consultations with private clients.

So he is highly qualified as well as being extremely well regarded and respected, not just in rugby but across a range of professional sport platforms. It is this diversity of knowledge and experience which I really like about Matt, he’s not one dimensional or one-eyed as some of these people can be.

Like me he is always eager to learn. So throughout this period, he kept an ever watchful eye on the scientific literature and as a consequence was always tinkering and improving his amino blend. Being the sort of man he is he didn't want to release R5 Aminos until it was pitch perfect. Although he has been supplying variations of a form in many different guises over the years.

The best thing about the product, like all my supplements were and indeed will always be is that the product has been accredited, fully and rigorously Informed Sport tested. The Informed Sport symbol is the most important indicator on a product for all serious athletes, be they amateur or professional plus all professional team sports people, all members of the Armed Services as well as all Olympians.

If you want to know what this really means and entails, please Click Here for the testing video.

The idea behind R5 Aminos is to help you do the following:

Recover from the stresses of daily life
Restore your sleep patterns
Improve your mood waking up feeling Rejuvenated
Regenerate muscle tissue
Repair and Rebuild neurotransmitters

To purchase the product HERE and experience all the benefits and what it can really do for you.

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If you were to ask Matt the reasons behind why he felt there was a need and why he so painstakingly created the product, he lists these as the main points and his main drivers.

1 .To assist sports people recover from the stresses of training.

2. Improve the body’s ability to produce Growth Hormone naturally

3. To improve the QUALITY of SLEEP

4. To recover FASTER from ANY type of STRESS

If you enjoy reading up and understanding the science behind a product. Wanting to know exactly what’s in the product and how and why things work.

For the full ingredient list with detailed explanation and rationale, including the brilliant science behind it, please Click Here


– Entry was posted on November 24th, 2016 by James Haskell
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