JHTV - The Entertainment Channel

JHTV - The Entertainment Channel

Welcome to our scheduled 1.30pm Friday video! 

If you are new to www.jameshaskell.com then you probably won’t be aware that every Friday at 1.30pm as part of our weekly TV schedule we release a video which is either a serious, in-depth, informative interview or maybe something a little more light-hearted, perhaps a show which is just even downright silly.

Our aim is to always inform as well as entertain, sometimes both at the same time, our viewers. So with this goal firmly in mind we always seek to lure in the best and brightest characters and individuals from all walks of life, industry and sport. 

Last week James chatted all things fitness with YouTube legends and all around nice guys aka The Lean Machine. You can see that video here.

This week things are a little more light hearted. Every guest James invites in to sit on his famous or maybe that should be infamous sofa has gets to take part in a Quick Fire Question Interview. We have done this quite a few times with interesting results.

You can view the first part of Quick Fire Questions with the Lean Machines here followed by the second part here.

Travis Allan is the man in the hot seat this week. He is a big friend of JHHF and works very closely with James to get him fit and ready to play.

Let us know what you think by contacting us over social media using the #AskHask. Our Twitter and Instagram can be reached @JamesHaskellHF.

Stay tuned for Mondays 5.30pm Fitness video release. We are currently doing a series of video extracts from James latest Rugby EBook “An Introduction to becoming RugbyFit”

If you would like to find out more, then please visit: 


To watch one of the latest videos from the eBook as well as perform the actual session click here.

It's a simple Fat Loss workout, which will help you on the road to becoming leaner in no time at all.

– Entry was posted on December 18th, 2015 by James Haskell

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