Quick Fire Questions with the Lean Machine Part 2

Quick Fire Questions with the Lean Machine Part 2

A few weeks ago we posted the first instalment of an interview I did for JHTV with the guys from the Lean Machine.

If you caught it, I hope you enjoyed it and are looking forward to another session of banter and mayhem with the two lads.

I often try to get as many fitness ‘celebs’ and YouTuber legends in front of the camera as I possibly can. The idea is to give you, the fans of JHHF, all the best and latest inside gossip, behind the scenes exercise tips and tricks, to help you perform and get the results you deserve.

I talk with the two lads about all sorts; fitness, health, diet, nutrition, supplements, rugby and anything funny.

If you missed the first instalment, please check it out here:

Anyhow I have great pleasure in releasing the second instalment of the mix of madness and quality information, tinged with a hint of anarchy!

Enjoy and let us have some feedback.

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