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Hello Mr Haskell (James) I hope that the World Cup team are not too devastated? It was sad to see you guys go out when you did, but am sure you will all learn from mistakes etc etc. It just was not your time really. You have a very young and vibrant team and with this team things can and will happen again. Do not be disheartened. Give my best wishes to the guys and you take care. Keep reaching for the stars, keep striving for the best that you can be.

Alexandros Priestley-Trotman


Hi James,

You visited Headley Court today, but unfortunately I missed you due to on going rehab classes. I think its great you visited headley. It gives all the lads a big boost and morale seeing there idols and professional athletes just being in the same room.

Good luck to you and all the boys for the World Cup, the whole countrys behind you!

Again sorry i missed you! Maybe see you again in the future!

James waring (@jam_waring)


Hello James,

Had a brief chat with you a few times this week whilst you've been coming through Manchester Piccadilly. Yes I'm the the virgin staff member! Anyway, just wanted to say that I'm looking forward to getting my training back on track, and thanks to Hades and your motivational and inspiring personality I hope I can once again get fit again.

Thank you and best of luck in the World Cup!



Dear James, 

Although the unfortunate score on Saturday, I still thought it was the greatest experience at the Ricoh hotel and stadium. I loved how you could be just sitting in the lobby and one of the most greatest players of all time could walk along. It meant so much to me that you took the time and was kind enough to have a photo done with me. So again thank you for the best experience in my life.

Kind regards Luke Jee-laver


Dear James,
I write to you as a sixteen year old Wasps fan, and one of the many who made the trip down to Toulon to support the team over the weekend. Having spoken to a few of the locals before the match, they did all seem unnervingly confident - not so much of a win, but of an easy win. 
I arrived at the magnificent Stade Mayol and was struck by what a tough crowd it would be to play against. Believe me, we Wasps fans did our best to make ourselves heard, but we were a little outnumbered! 
After the first half an hour, I thought things were going to go the way that the locals had been predicting. This is no criticism of Wasps, but I thought that the crowd and the skill of the opposition (amazing what a few million quid can get you!) might just mean the game was out of reach. Going into the game, as Joe Simpson had recognised, we were big 'underdogs', and the game seemed to be going that way. 
That was not how it finished.
In the coming fifty odd minutes of rugby, I became as proud to support Wasps and I was at Twickenham for the 2007 Premiership and 2008 Heineken Cup finals. The team showed exactly why I love rugby - and Wasps - as much as I do. The character, determination and spirit was unbelievable, not to mention some truly fantastic rugby. You and the boys were playing to win up until the last couple of minutes: not a lot of outsiders were predicting that.
The standing ovation you received from fans of both teams at the end is testament to one of Wasps' great recent performances, and I've since spoken to a friend of mine who's a Leinster fan, and he says he'll be chuffed to bits if they play half as well as that against Toulon. I was talking to the taxi driver this morning on the way to the airport, and his words were: 'vraiment, j'avais peur.' 
To conclude - and please do pass this on to the rest of the Wasps team if you could - thank you. Thank you for reaching such a big game in the first place, thank you for playing some brilliant rugby, and thank you for your remarkable character. I feel privileged to have witnessed that match, and again, remarkably proud to wear black and gold.
Well played, we'll get 'em next year!
Jonty Head, London


Dear James Haskell 
This is an email to thank you and wish you good luck in your preparation for this years world cup.
I want to thank you for your inspiring performances for England over the recent six nations.  Your passion and drive was written all over your face and a massive inspiration to all rugby fans and players. The whole teams performance during the France game was outstanding and what rugby is all about. 
It's games like that and player performances like yours that have inspired me to start playing rugby again and at the age of 34 with a two young sons it isn't an easy decision to make, especially as I'd not played a game since 2008 while I was serving in the British army. However, I'm really loving it even though I'm playing a position I'm not completely ready for, second row and I'm only 6'2". I'm a big fan of body fire TV and have been using your advice in helping me train. 
I wish you good luck and whatever the outcome of the world cup, I know you and the team would've given 100%.
Thank you 
Kind regards 
David Kelly
– Entry was posted on September 4th, 2015 by James Haskell
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