Rugby - Q and A's

Rugby - Q and A's


Good morning Big Hask! Just a quick question to see if you can point me in the right direction. I'm coming to the end of my personal trainer course and want to progress into rugby based strength and conditioning. ( Real rugby that is, rugby league and not that yawnion that you play!) Anyways in your experience have the S&C coaches that you've dealt with in your career all been university trained? Or do you think I can do it without enrolling and doing private courses? I know you're busy but any advice you can give will be appreciated you awesome man! Andy

Andrew Myatt

You must be northern Andy to even want to contemplate coaching league. They are the only people who seem to like or understand it.

To answer your question, no you don't have to be Uni trained to be an S+C coach. What you need is to get into a club at the bottom and work your way up. You need to have some qualifications and be mentored. I am not sure exactly what you need, but I would start applying to be an intern.


Hi James I'm a big fan of and a big wasps rugby fan I would like to ask how you got into rugby

Aron Boakye

I got into rugby through my local rugby club


#AskHask in your mental prep, how much visualization do you use, or do you just try to clear everything?

Ahmad Bahrami ‏@FrontRow_Zo 

I have been seeing a sports psychologist for the last 12 years. I try to do visualisation once a day for a couple of minutes.


I'm an 18 year old prop who's just started playing semi pro rugby and have been told I need to put on weight but I'm struggling to make time to go to the gym due to training, matches and education. Was wondering what type of training you think would be best? Any advice would be helpful, cheers

If you need to put on weight then you are going to need to hit the gym, when you can. You will need to be doing hypertrophy training, which is muscle building. 8-12 reps, of slow time under tension work. You will need to massively increase your carbs and protein intake throughout the day. You will need to eat 4-5 times a day.


I love rugby more than anything, I'm 14, I play for Witney RFC, Oxfordshire and have got trials for Wasps. I was wondering if Hades has age restrictions and if you had tips for training and games. Also I would like to know the date for your ebook release? Good luck in the World Cup.

@webbyd13 via Instagram

All the info you want will be in the ebook. Which is just being finally edited. We don't have a specific date yet. There is no age restrictions, but you shouldn’t be focussed  on supplements at this stage, you should be focussed on diet.

James Haskell


It would be very interesting if you included detailed changes in training/diet throughout your career for example - specific training that WAS the next big thing and then later binned/forgotten about?

James Hickey via Instagram

With the release of my intro to rugby fitness, you will see all the current training protocols that we use right at the top levels. I will try to cover off at a later date some of things that have gone out of fashion.

James Haskell


James, who did you look up to and who inspired you?

@7ricer9 - Instagram

The people I looked up to most were Lawrence Dallaglio and Michael Jordan.

James Haskell


How many times a week do you recommend training core skills? (Q in response to How often do you practice your core skills? #training #rugby)


Hi Joe 

I would spend 10 mins every day after training working on one specific area.

James Haskell


What's your favourite/most effective exercise that helps your back row play?


Hi @hvidler,

There is no such thing as one exercise that makes you a better back row player. However leg weights are key. I would say squats and sled push make a huge difference.

James Haskell


Hi, I play rugby for Keynsham and am in the 4th team, I am strongly into health and fitness. Would you happen to have any advice for me in terms of nutrition. I saw your Peek In My Fridge video which I thought was good. I like the idea of preparing a snack for on the way to training like in a tupperware.

Adam Stephenson

Hi Adam,

Nutrition is key for everything that you are doing. You need to make sure that you get the right amount of protein, carbs, fats and veg. Food preparation is going to make your life super easy. When you cook breakfast cook other meals at the same time. Buy a rice cooker. It's a dream.

James Haskell

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