General - Q and A's

General - Q and A's


Hey Fella! Would you mind me posting your info on my Physical Health & Performance FB page. I have been using rugby fitness training for a number of years now and have had great success with 12-16yr olds and I think that pushing your fitness also will benefit the rugby kids and guys in my area.

regards Stu Birch

Yes no problem mate. Whatever helps people out there we are keen on


@JamesHaskellHF After meeting you at #Twickenham you said for me to resubmit my #HadesChallenge pics. Where can I do this on the website?

Grant ‏@Builtough 

If you tweet us the photos using #hhchallenge or email them to then that will be sweet.


Hi, we were wondering if James makes any appearances at clubs. Our age group is u9 this season and as they have just started contact and a major step up in rugby we are looking at trying to organize a guest for our end of season awards night ( most likely start of May) as a treat and huge well done, would this be something James could/ would do?

Regards Lisa Pucknell.

Hi Lisa, thank you for your message. James unfortunately is extremely busy and is not able to attend these things at this stage. He would happily record a video message for the group if you send more details.


How can I get hold of one of those tops, pleaseeee #hellachick #hellachallenge (Q in response to Sara Malm wearing a Bodyfire top)
@VickyHardcastle via Instagram

We have a whole load going on sale on our website - watch this space to get one.

James Haskell


Why not release a compilation of your workout and pre match tunes? #HaskAnthems #Hanthems


I will do. I will put a mix together and release it on Soundcloud.

James Haskell


What music, if any do you listen to when running or training in the gym and what is your biggest motivation on the days you just don't feel like moving at all? :)


Hi Nettiee,

I listen to loads of awesome house music, deep house, house and tech house. They are all tunes that make you feel amazing. Music always motivates me and so does my pre trainer Hades that powers me through when I feel tired. I also think about my competition and how I should work harder than them.

James Haskell

– Entry was posted on September 4th, 2015 by James Haskell
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