Nutrition - Q and A's

Nutrition - Q and A's


Hello a couple of questions, any allergy advice on this product? On the dosage side can this be used for weight and training so on a training day you could take 3-4 tabs a day? So my routine is normally wake up early am and have cereal (high fibre) breakfast, drive to gym which is about 30 minutes away, exercise for an hour, to 90 minutes including warm up and warm down, then after I have a 9 Bar or Naked bar as they are good source of protein (sometimes tin of tuna) and probably drink about a litre of squash. Then during the day I would have 2 more meals with fruit and snacks (try to stick to nuts) in between meals. So how would the dosage work in the morning, and would I then stick to two more for the main meals? Thanks


Hi Jon

Thanks for your email. First off I don't want to be rude but your daily nutrition is pretty terrible. I am not sure if you have read our site or visited our youtube channel, but what you are eating is not going to get you anywhere. You need to make some changes to get any sort of results from what you are doing. Cereal for breakfast is a massive no, no. It has nothing in it of any use. Swap this straight away for porridge or Eggs. 9bar and naked bars are not what you want to be eating post session! They may have a little bits of protien in them but there are far better alternatives. Get a decent protien shake for starters, or eat after training. The tin of tuna is better than those bars. Carbs are important after you workout. Protien shake with oats will work well.

Squash is liquid sugar. Your cereal is sugar, your naked bar is sugar. You have basically filled yourself up on sugar. Fruit is sugar, so again you are not really getting anything decent into your body. Nuts are ok, but where is the good source of protien, carbs, veg etc? Download my introduction to rugby fitness, we have a full nutrition section on there, or go through and read some of the blogs on my site. You need an overhaul of what you are doing. But don't be worried it will take minutes to change.

As for Hades, take it 30mins before training, then one before each meal. Do not take after 5.00pm. However focus on getting your food right first.


@JamesHaskellHF go you do Hella samples?I'm not allergic to green tea but have taken green tea supps tblts in the past that have made me ill

Katy Robinson ‏@katerobbo8

At the moment we don't provide samples for any of our supplements. We have had no negative feed back about Hades or Hella. I doubt you will have any issues with our products.


#AskHask what's the best way to clean my diet up? I'm looking to drop around 21lbs.

The best way to clean up your diet is really simple. Cut out the following:

- Sugar
- Fizzy drinks
- Junk food
- Takeaways

Go back to eating whole foods or single ingredient goods. Like chicken, meat, fish, veg, potatoes, rice etc. If you want to know more about diet then check out my youtube channel or download my new ebook at


#AskHask how vital is a good diet to performance? Not consuming sugars or processed foods?

The Rugby Republic ‏@RugbyRepublic1

It is one of the most, if not the most important factors. Your diet is everything, I work with two top nutrionists Glen Matten and Aiden Goggins, as well as a company called Fresh Fitness Foods. I take my diet really seriously. If you want to know more about diet then check our my YouTube channel or download my new eBook at



I’m a complete beginner to any type of exercise and weight lifting. I’ve decided to try Hella as to me James Haskell is a trusted professional name.

Looking at the directions I have a couple of questions.

1) My day is extremely busy I’m up pretty early and do not have breakfast at least not a big one: maybe a breakfast bar. Is this satisfactory for taking a pill as I realise it’s not a ‘meal’

2) I have a very busy day with no set time in which I get my break for lunch so I was wondering when it’s said take 30mins before, is this a set time will it matter if it’s 15mins or an hour before a meal? As it will be very hard to judge when 30mins is before I can eat.

3) I can only get to the gym late evening about 8.30 but I’m sure I could benefit with taking one before I work out. Will this be ok?

Sorry for all the questions, I want to succeed at doing this right as for me it’s a life changing process. Thanks very much


There is no excuse for not having breakfast. If you have a sources of protien 30 mins after waking this will make a massive difference to your training goals. You can boil 2 eggs in 5 mins. or cook them the night before. Breakfast bars, cereals etc are not great at all. You need to change this asap.

Again you cannot hope to make any changes unless you get your diet right. It sounds silly but to loose weight you need to eat more of the right stuff.  When you prep your dinner the night before you can then double it up, but it in a Tupperware box and take it to work with you the next day. Your diet is the thing that will work the most. Hella is not a miracle pill, it helps you get results faster, but only in conjunction with a good diet. You have to understand that you need to prepare food, having no time is not an excuse, we all have time, or can make time. Buy some Tupperware, order your food online from a company like soul food or foods for fitness. You should have a good source of protein at every meal and loads of veg. Your smallest portion should be made up of carbs, if any? 

15mins before is fine. If you are taking it as a fat burner not a pre trainer then you can take it with food, you don't need to worry about timing it.

I wouldn't take it after 5.00 because of the large amounts of caffeine etc in there. You can of course try it! It depends how tolerant you are of stimulants. 

I hope this helps. Have a look at, for more info.


Is Hades suitable for to if you are 15 years old?

Yes it is okay, but it depends on why you want to take it? It is great as a pre trainer, but if you want fat loss, then you need to be worried about diet first.

James Haskell


How much fluid do you take in before a game and how much after?

@NeilDaviesOBE via Twitter

“I really focus on my hyrdation the whole time, as my performance suffers massively if I don’t drink enough. I constantly drink through the warm-up as well as the match as I find it essential to keep my levels up. How much I actually consume varies between games and the climate but it is quite a lot! 

I can’t stress how strongly I advocate getting yourself properly hydrated. Naturally everyone differs, so you have to find your optimal level through an element of trial and error. However if you want a rough guide I would suggest starting with four to five litres a day, with some mixed with salts like those produced by Pro Hydrate. I use them all the time and it really works for me”.

Thanks for taking the time to ask your question


Hi there,

I am looking into purchasing Hades however would like some advice reference the taking of it please.

On reading the recommended dosage and how it should be taken 30mins prior to every meal, I was wondering whether there is another way of taking it to get its full effect??

I work as a police officer and so work shifts but also with not knowing from one minute to the next when I might get my meal break, I wondered if you may be able to advise on when in general would be best to take the supplement??

I have messaged this way rather than on the public site as don't wish for my details to be known as a police officer.

Thanks for taking the time to read this long winded message!!

Regards - Chris.

Hi Chris, the idea of taking it with meals is to just to stop any digestive problems. You can take it 3 times through out the day whenever you want. It will give you a boost before and during your shift.

Just take one and see how you react.


I've just ordered some more hades and some tagaloa for the first time.. does the tagaloa help shred fat as well? Or do I just use it as a cooking oil and spread? I get that it gives me energy but is it ok to be consuming it along with 3 fat burning hades a day or am I going to be super energetic all day?! Thanks

Guy Grant - Facebook

Hi Guy,

Fats help metabolise other fats so Coconut oil will help in moderation. However if you are trying to really get body composition goals then you only want saturated fat to make up a small part of your diet. Don't go mental. Coconut oil is an energy source but won't have the same boost effect as Hades.

James Haskell


Your afternoon pick me up smoothie had elite vital greens and I was just wondering where I could get these from and a question, do you like under armour?
@ginger_orc via Instagram 

We have been delayed in releasing these greens, but they are coming really, really soon. I love under armour, they are really comfy and look awesome.
James Haskell


How are you getting on with the H2Only Challenge?


Its going well. Finding it hard in my time off. How you doing with it?

James Haskell


Do protein powders count here? Never understand how they are part of 'clean diets'. (Q in response to tweet: Don't choose supplements first over food! Have you tried my natural #PreTrainer #Hades before playing? It will help you FOCUS & play HARDER.)

This is the argument of many, however if you do a lot of work, especially resistance training then protein shakes are a great way of getting your nutrition on board post workout, maximising your anabolic window. If you have the option of real food and feel like eating after a workout.

James Haskell


James what about your energy level? Wouldn't it drop pretty fast? (Q in response to the H20 challenge of drinking nothing but water for 10 days)

Igor Kovačić

Hi Igor

No it shouldn't be an issue at all. You are of course eating!!? Its not just a 10 day challenge to drink just water.

James Haskell


What about shakes? (Q in response to the H20 challenge of drinking nothing but water for 10days)


Hi Will

Obviously if you are training and your nutrition is key, then i think sliding the odd shake in shouldn't be a problem. Most people don't train so not an issue.

James Haskell


How do i find out how many carbs, calories and fats I should take in? 

How many calories you need is dependent on many factors. I would recommend using the Benedict Harris formula which calculates your calorie needs based on your BMI and how active you are.

A good starting point for working out how much carbs/fat/protein etc is 40% protein, 30% carbs, and 30% fat.

See how your body responds and tweak accordingly.

Best of luck!



Hi, I play rugby for Keynsham and am in the 4th team, I am strongly into health and fitness. Would you happen to have any advice for me in terms of nutrition. I saw your Peek In My Fridge video which I thought was good. I like the idea of preparing a snack for on the way to training like in a tupperware.

Adam Stephenson

Hi Adam,

Nutrition is key for everything that you are doing. You need to make sure that you get the right amount of protein, carbs, fats and veg. Food preparation is going to make your life super easy. When you cook breakfast cook other meals at the same time. Buy a rice cooker. It's a dream.

James Haskell

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