Power Endurance workout

Power Endurance workout

As I have said before, with the summer approaching on the horizon and with it the inevitable gun show, the focus this week is again on exercise.

I am always keen to mix things up. To trick the mind and keep the body guessing. (This is not a borrowed quote from that sad man in Dodgeball). I have worked a few times with the guys at W10 Performance and always rated their set up.

So recently I decided to go back down and get beaten into shape by some of the PT’s at @W10Performance. I was put through a punishing power endurance workout that is brilliant, not only for conditioning, but getting used to working at a high intensity level.

It’s the same kind of full body workout you get, from ball carrying, tackling, getting to your feet and competing for the ball. So it’s great rugby specific work – great research for my new rugby book due out next week!

So please try the session for yourself and enjoy.

W10 Conditioning / Power Endurance Workout - 4 sets with 2 minute rest in between.


Ensure you undertake a proper 10 minute warm-up beforehand. Like a jog on the treadmill, as well as stretching before and thoroughly afterwards.

Get some good dynamic movements in. You can do the mini band warm-up as well, to get a good glute burn.

  • Back rolls

  • Leg swings

  • Spiderman’s

  • Up and down dog (yoga moves)

  • Dynamic calves

  • Quad stretch

If you don’t know any of the above exercise detail, please have a look on the web.

I haven’t put weight values in. You need to work to the range you can achieve and repeat. So have a play to discover what weights works for you NOW. You can always increase KGs as you refine and develop your skill set as well as technique

Remember this is always about repeated form and clean execution, across a number of reps. As opposed to one big struggle to execute just one. This also means the variations you can add in but again these also depend on your skill level.

Please remember, exercise is about performing a sustained marathon rather than a one-off sprint. You need to build into a pattern, which works for you.

Trap Bar Deadlift x 5

You can do a normal deadlift, but this hits a different area and easier to do.

Chins x 5

You can change grip each set. I would start with wide over hand, as they are the hardest and work back, to neutral grip

Spiderman Push Up x 5

Do normal push-ups if you can't complete the Spiderman push-ups 

Walking Lunges with dumbbells x 5 

Trying to keep good technique and touch your back kneed on the floor. The more you do the more you will open up.

Dips x 5 

Power Row x 5 

Try and use a cable machine for this, you can use a versa pull.


20 metres there and back. You want to aim to have some weight loaded on it. 

*Push at the upright end of the prowler one way and then returned at the low end the other

I am becoming a massive fan of the prowler as you get a good leg pump and it saves your knees from some of the harder, more compound movements. It’s also very functional and destroys the lungs.


20 metres each way, with a lighter weight. Get your partner to strip it while you take a second’s breather.

*Repeated as above 

Sprint 20m

Walk slowly back 20 metres to get your breath back!

Rest for 2 minutes and repeat. It’s naughty and creeps up on you.

*NB The weights I use are only relevant to me and as suggested as a guideline only.  As I have said before ensure you select and use a weight which allows you to complete your set correctly and with proper form before you start to think about increasing your weights.

Be warned you will hurt the next day and even worse the day after, but remember experiencing pain means you have worked HARD! Learn to embrace the pain because it means you are going to get results.

Many thanks to all at W 10 Performance for a brilliant training session. 

– Entry was posted on April 16th, 2016 by James Haskell

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