Masterclass How To - Abs

Masterclass How To - Abs

In this MasterClass I am focusing on Abdominal Exercises.

Ab exercises are something that nearly everyone tries to do at some point in the workout regime – both to get a six-pack and to lose weight. I will say however that I personally rarely do any abdominal work.  Much of the lifting and training I do, especially the big compound lifts, work my abs anyway. I have a good conditional base and I do HIIT sessions to help shred up if and when I need to.

With this in mind I always recommend on focusing on other areas first and the Abs will come! Do HIIT sessions if you’re hoping to lose weight - doing abdominal exercises alone will not give you a six pack; you need to get some fat burning in there.

You can do these Ab workouts as a bolt on to your regular session, as a stand alone abdominal session, or you can superset them with other things, whatever you fancy.

One note on doing abdominal workouts: you often see people doing abdominal exercises very fast. Unless you’re doing sprinter crunches, which is a conditioning exercise done at speed; you should be building time under tension.

So the first thing we’ll look at is a simple Crunch.

You can do this either with your legs crossed over or you legs up, its all down to personal preference. I personally like to have them together as sometimes you end up favouring one side over the other. I also try to have my hands behind my head, so I don’t throw my hands into it. The aim is to slowly crunch up as best you can. You want to come up slowly, get to the top, feel that nice contraction, and then lower back down.

Repeat this exercise but make sure to keep your back flat. Do not round your head into your body either, try and keep a good posture.

The second one we’re looking at is the Full Body Crunch.

This is probably my favourite abdominal exercise. There are loads of variations you can do with weights in your hands, with plates, etc. This example is a simple full body crunch. Make sure you start with your body completely extended, come up, and again as with the sit up, you come up with your chest up, contract the muscles, come right to the top and draw your legs in towards you, and then slowly lower back. Keeping tension through your body so you don’t relax completely on the floor, there should always be tension through your abdominals.

See the video below for full instructions. If there are other abdominals exercises you want to know about then please contact us on social media. Please comment below the video, we’ll get back to you really sharpish.

– Entry was posted on September 17th, 2015 by James Haskell

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