Lunge Masterclass

Lunge Masterclass

The whole idea of JHHF’s Master Class videos is to give you guys and girls at home some easy to follow tips to perform excises in the most effective and safe way.

There are a huge number of different workout sessions available on line, but it is actually very common that a person may not know how to do a particular exercise – either safely or at all! I want to cut through the rubbish and give you some simple, easy to follow, tips that will help you enjoy your training, exercise safely and ultimately get the results you want. Its important to note that while all the advice I give you is good and backed up, I have been a professional rugby player for 13 years, so my body only allows me to do certain things! I only lift with the best technique that is possible for me. I am restricted by range of movement, and flexibility. Just follow the basics, use the tips and you will be fine.


Our second video topic is the Lunge. It’s used in all sorts of different types of training: you can use it in HiiT Training, you can use it slowly in Hypertrophy Training, Strength training, and also for rehabbing injuries.

The key points to follow in this exercise are, make sure that when you lunge you keep good posture, with your chest up. Do not allow your knee to come in or out, or track over your feet. And when you lunge out, you should imagine there is a weight pulling you down through the middle of your body so you’re not leaning too far forward or too far back.

You can do this with a weight on your shoulders, or you can do it dynamically.

In the video I do both walking and standing versions.

– Entry was posted on September 7th, 2015 by James Haskell

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