James Haskell Appointed by CoachTube USA

James Haskell Appointed by CoachTube USA

James Haskell Appointed by CoachTube USA as their lead Rugby Coach

CoachTube is about providing great instructional online coaching to both aspiring kids, as well as more mature sports people looking to step up and improve their game and detailed knowledge of their sport or chosen sports.

With rugby union being one of the fastest growing sports in the USA and the launch in April 2016 of the first professional league. The sport is at an all time high in the USA with more and more kids of both sexes signing up to learn to play.

Therefore Wade and his team needed a top coach to represent Rugby on their roster of top coaches.

We are absolutely delighted they choose James for this inaugural and very prestigious role. Not only because of his International standing within the game with over 70 caps for England but because of his acknowledged and widely recognised skills as a highly effective  coach.

The fact he has just written a highly critically acclaimed and very popular book on rugby training – An Introduction to becoming and Remaining RugyFit, also helped!!   

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– Entry was posted on May 31st, 2016 by James Haskell