James Greenwood Calisthenics

James Greenwood Calisthenics

Bodyfire are happy to support Jamess Greenwood in his calisthenic and bodyweight training.

His work ethic and mentality incorporates all the values of James Haskell Health & Fitness, and he's fuelled by Hades.

I've done some calisthenic and body weight training with James, and I find that bodyweight strength invaluable. You can get some amazing body composition results from doing that.

I have some ambitious of things I'd like to achieve with this training. Things like strict muscle ups, front levers, and flags.

James Greenwood has been working on all of these, and as you can see has had some pretty amazing results! Body weight work and gymnastics is extremely demanding, so I felt he would really benefit from my pre trainer to help him through his sessions, to give him that energy and boost to help him stay in fantastic shape.

While you might see James hanging off banisters, and trucks, and roofs, a lot of his stuff can be done at home.

All of the flashy things you see him do start from basic body weight exercises like pull ups, dips, press ups etc.

James Greenwood has fully embraced the James Haskell Health & Fitness lifestyle and has very kindly sent over some amazing photos.

He's a great trainer who has really helped with my own fitness progression, and has pushed me to do things outside my usual regime.


Follow him on:

Instagram: @greenwood_calisthenics 

Twitter: @Greenwood_Fit


Fuelled by Hades

– Entry was posted on March 13th, 2015 by James Haskell

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