“How To” Burn Fat through lifting weights

“How To” Burn Fat through lifting weights

Welcome to another JHHF Monday “How-To” training video!

Last week’s training session we put together for you guys was all about Burning Fat quickly, through HIIT training. I put together a nice session and video, you could try yourselves at home.

If you missed that video and want to check it out, then use this link www.jameshaskell.com/how-to-burn-fat-quickly-and-effectively

Today’s video again stars Joe Ryan, who regular viewers of the site will know is following my 12- week Lean Gain Muscle Bodybuilding Guide, with some considerable success.  I met up with him the other day to see how he was getting on and to take him through a couple of sessions.


This one of my favorite workouts and is great if you don't have a lot of time or gym space. You can make this session as hard or as easy as you want. You can make it a fitness fat burning workout, or a slow full body muscle building circuit.

With Joe this was part two of a longer fat burning session, the first part I mention in the introduction to this blog. The Idea is you would do part 1, rest and then go onto part 2. However you can split them and make them stand alone sessions.

The one bar workout we did with Joe was 4 reps on each exercise nice and slow. I wanted him to burn some fat but also stress his muscles. Yes lifting weights absolutely helps burn fat.

Joe has been doing lots of lifting over the last 11 weeks, so he has developed some good technique through out his lifts.

If you want to know how to do things properly my 12 week plan comes with fully comprehensive  written descriptions and detailed photo guides, to show you exactly the right way of doing things.

Remember lifting correctly with the right technique and tempo not only dramatically  improves your results it also significantly reduces the potential chance of injuries. So you are not only becoming fitter but also a lot safer. View - www.jameshaskell.com/products/training-ebooks


Exercise  1

Press up using the bar x 4

Exercise 2

Bent over row x 4

Exercise  3

High pull x 4

Exercise  4

Military Press x 4

Exercise  5

Back squat x 4

Rest for 45 seconds and then repeat the whole process 4 to 5 times through completely.

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