“How To” Burn Fat Quickly and Effectively

“How To” Burn Fat Quickly and Effectively

Even though the focus of my fitness website www.jameshaskell.com is all about rugby; training for rugby and developing the core skills required for rugby. We also have a big focus on building muscle and getting in shape. Hence the creation of my 12-week Lean Gains muscle building plan, which you can sample and check out Here 

Now whilst I don't really focus on “fat loss”, I do talk a lot about HIIT training in most of my blogs and programmes. These sessions are normally there to help you along the path towards getting the body you want. So this week’s theme is a bit different than usual as it is all about burning fat!!

I get asked all the time by my amazing followers across my social channels, all about shedding that unwanted padding. So I have finally given in and put together a couple of videos for you to follow and try in the gym.

The star of today’s blog is Joe Ryan. Joe has been following my 12-week Lean Gains bodybuilding programme and has very kindly been writing a weekly blog all about his experiences following the programme.

You can read all about his journey and his latest blog Here. Sadly as we live in an internet era of outrageous claims, there is little point in me just telling you, you will get results. You need to see and hear it from other independent people like Joe.

Joe lives in Malaysia. However on a rare but recent trip back to the UK, I met up with him to record a couple of interviews about his experience. Answer any questions he had about the structure and planning of the 12-week programme and take him through some training to make sure he was executing the exercises correctly with the correct form, tempo and technique.

If you have tried my 12-week plan you will know it’s super intense and all about lifting weights, which is why it works! However to keep things fun and interesting, I took Joe through some Fat loss High intensity sessions that were short , sharp, easy, and most importantly different. I am a firm believer in mixing up your training sessions from time to time

These types of sessions can be done anywhere and are especially good for when you have limited time. They help burn fat quickly while giving you a full body pump. You will also get some muscle stimulation from this, as you are putting your muscles under tension.

The first video is very simple. It requires a piece of cardio equipment, any will do. We have gone with a Watt Bike on this occasion. I personally prefer the Versa Climber. You will then need some dumbbells.

This session is aimed at beginners and will be fairly easy for most people. However remember what you put in is what you get out. You can of course extend the times you work, extend the number of sets and work you ass off on the sprints.


  1. 20 seconds hard bike sprint

  2. 20 seconds curl-to-press (standing)

10 seconds transition back on the bike.

  1. 20 seconds hard bike sprint

  2. 20 Lateral raise

10 seconds transition back onto the bike

  1. 20 seconds hard bike sprint

  2. 20 seconds goblet squat

There you have it session over!

You can now go back to the beginning and repeat it all through again, another, say four times, without rest. Or you may want to rest for a couple of minutes and do it all through again, rest and repeat for whatever number of sets you feel is going to work you hard.

I would probably do 6 – 8 complete rounds of this

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– Entry was posted on May 27th, 2016 by James Haskell

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