How to Build a Six Pack

How to Build a Six Pack

If you have been following JHHF you will know that i have released a 12 week transformation program, the idea of which is to build as much muscle as possible, while getting in really good shape.  If you didn't then you can read all about how the program works, whats contained in it, the type of training we are using and how to sign up by clicking HERE.

One thing you will notice is that i don't put specific ab sessions in there as i feel the way the workouts are structured you will be hitting your abs enough. However i know a lot of you out there really like to do abdominal focused sessions, especially the women.

So i have created  this little workout for you guys and girls to follow. let me know how you find it and send us some feed back. you can contact us through our twitter and instagram @JamesHaskellHF

This is a session that can be bolted onto the end of your existing training program or be fitted in as a stand-alone session. If you are going to do the former, then you might need to cut down some of the reps etc and exercises.

Abdominal workouts are tricky to master. There are arguments for focusing heavily on them as a specific area, or if you are doing a lot of full body conditioning, cross fit, heavy lifting and eating well then you will naturally hit that area, as the abdominal muscles tie everything together.

I find that doing them from time to time after sessions or on lighter days is good, but generally I do a lot of full body training, so they are always working and don’t need too much extra attention.

If you are doing this as a stand alone session then make sure you have a good warm up either on a bike, treadmill or something dynamic in the gym.

Begin with the following planks - repeated twice;

Side planks- body perfectly in line, resting on your elbow. Hold for 30 seconds on one side and change to the other. Make sure you keep your hips up and your body in a straight line.

Front planks- glutes switched on, body in line with a flat back. Resting on your elbows and head in neutral. Hold for 45 seconds.

Performing the following in order with minimal rest, 3 complete times through.

Hanging knee raises- try to use elbow harness’s or if you don’t have them, then hold on to a chin up bar in either an over hand grip or under hand. Whatever is most comfortable. Perform 20 of these, making sure you don’t rock and get full extension and retraction.


Full body crunches. - Lay on your back with your body flat on the floor and your hands above your head. Draw your knees up to your chest and your arms come up and over to the outside of your feet. Then you go back to laying flat without your legs or arms touching the floor. Repeat this 20 times.

Lying side twists- lay on the floor, knees bent up with feet flat on the floor and back flat. You then rotate from side to side taking the hand of the side your are leaning to, under the gap of your bent up knees, trying to reach through to the other side, you then lean the other way. You do this dynamically for 20 reps.

Lean backs- feet flat on the floor (you can lock them under something, or if you are good enough you can perform without them being held) you are hunched up to start with your chest against your knees. Then you slowly lean back as far as you can without your feet coming off the floor, or your back bending too much.  The aim is not to all the way down, but to feel maximum tension on the abs and then use this to pull yourself back up again. This is a tough one. 20 reps of this.

Sprinter crunches- lie flat on the floor legs out straight, have your hand on the side of your temples. As you draw a leg up, knee bent you rotate the opposite elbow and try and touch the leg, you then move to the other side. This is done as fast as you can. 20 reps of this.


Then lay on the floor in pain, wondering what you were thinking. Then get a recovery shake on board and shower up.

If you struggle to understand any of the excises mentioned then you can visit our youtube channel where we have lots of videos on the different exercises mentioned

We also have more training sessions for you to follow on our website under the training section.

– Entry was posted on April 5th, 2016 by James Haskell

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