Why I Use a Training Mask

Why I Use a Training Mask

Why do I use a training mask? - Because it helps me train

I recently posted videos of me training wearing this mask and immediately had people commenting telling me it was a gimmick and doesn't simulate altitude etc. I know this and that isn't why I use it. I don't know how the science of it works. I use it because it makes me train harder.

Wearing it makes breathing harder and so makes an entire training session harder. It means I have to constantly concentrate on my breathing and control it so I don't run out of breath.

It is so important as an athlete to be able to control your breathing and recover quickly. And to push yourself harder each time. This mask helps me to do that.

Check out everyting I have to say about the mask in this video:

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– Entry was posted on March 9th, 2017 by James Haskell

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