James Road to Recovery - Update

James Road to Recovery - Update

We are now 9 weeks post the operation and thank goodness things are really flying my end.

I am finally out of the boot, which is great news. My body is looking less like a melted wheelie bin and a little more in shape. So all in all, I am in a very positive place.

There is still a long way to go. However and of course we are all different but for me personally, I find by taking one day at a time and creating mini-goals for myself, it keeps me upbeat and positive. In other words mentally sound!

I have been following my own 12-week Lean Gains programme to get back into shape – why wouldn’t when I devised and wrote it, I as I know it really works. See Reviews Here.

If you want to do the same and make the same gains and improvements, then you can by using this link www.jameshaskell.com/products/training-ebooks

The programme has all the training tips, advice and diet information you need to drop weight and build great muscle. It is aimed at both men and women and as I and lots of other have said – it really works.

My Rehab is in full swing, which is great news! I am using my Compex device (This was during the very first stages, post my operation) to aid in my lower limb rehab. It is having a great effect, and meaning that I am doing double the work, in half the time.

We have been using it for Hack squat, Barbell squats, single leg box step-ups and Bulgarian split squats.

The idea being when the Compex is in the contraction phase, you perform your lifts. You then rest. The idea of the Compex is to maximize your type 2 muscle recruitment (depending on the setting) and get as many of your muscle fibres to work as possible.

The rehab programme is all Physio directed, but does follow the range of some normal leg exercises, which you would be familiar with.

I am doing a lot of calf work, to try to build the strength and muscle size back, after a long period of not walking properly, or more accurately not walking at all!

This involves doing, standing double leg calf raise, single leg standing calf raise and soleus calf raise, using a machine.

There is also some occlusion working being done, but I won’t go into detail on that now. Working on your calf’s, is probably one of the toughest things to do, as you have to flex through the toe and foot. This is where I feel the most discomfort.

Aside from gym work, I am doing a lot of work on getting the toe moving again and strong. That involves, standing on a towel and scrunching your toes down and back. You are trying to collect as much towel as you can with your big toe. Then you flex and try to pull more. It’s hard work, but really gets your toe going.

I am also now in the pool, which means I am able to fully practice walking, lunging and other exercises.

All these are designed to prepare me for when I am able to start jogging and running. There is also a large amount of conditioning being done in the pool, which is never fun.

I actually do love it, but its just hard work and you often feel like you are going to drown. The reason for this is we are focusing on Hypoxic training. This means you are doing lots of underwater swimming and working for as long as you can without breathing.

This was the kind of thing I did when I came back from my last injury and found it had a huge impact on how fit I became.

An example session would be the following; (All of this is done in a 25 metre pool)

    1. Swim out underwater as far as you can. Take a breath and then finish the length under water. If you do it in 25 seconds, then you rest 25 seconds.

    2. You then repeat this a further 4 times, performing a set of 5. Your work and rest are the same.

    3. Once you have done 5 sets, rest for 3 minutes. Then repeat 3 more times in total, so you are doing 20 full underwater lengths.

Another element to my rehab is mobility and rugby skill work. Just because you are injured, it’s no excuse not to work on problem areas, which for me are mobility. As well as taking every opportunity to try to hone and perfect your passing/catching skills. These can really simply be done during your rest periods, or post your gym sessions.

Macintosh HD:Users:jameshaskell:Downloads:FullSizeRender.jpg


In terms of my body composition, I am currently weighing in at 121 kgs and 11% Body fat [remember in week 1 when I embarked on my rehab I was almost 18%!!]. I am eating 3800 calories a day, of which my Macros are 40% protein, 40% carbs and 20% fats.

I haven’t had any cheat meals or an alcoholic drink for 3 months now. Initially I got some sugar cravings, but due to the large amount of food I am able to eat, this has not really been a problem. It also helps having Chloe around as she is an amazing cook, which keeps things interesting.

So although always delighted to share everything with my readers and followers, I won’t be sharing her!

If you want to follow more about what I do, then you can, by heading over to my social media channels. www.youtube.com/thejameshaskell and www.facebook.com/JamesHaskellJHHF or Instagram @JamesHask

– Entry was posted on October 4th, 2016 by James Haskell

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