Fighting my way back to Fitness

Fighting my way back to Fitness

I have now been training for three weeks none stop. It’s been great! Hard! But great, in equal measure.

I have decided to track all my progress and all the things/extras I am doing, as judging by all the message and tweets I am getting I am guessing there are a lot of people out there, who would benefit from the information. More importantly, if they are also coming back from major surgery or a serious injury, will be motivated to know that it can be done. You just need the motivation and necessary know how.

If you missed my first blog then you can find the information Here

Progress has been slow going due to pure healing time. Sometimes you are able to rush things, with other surgery you simply have to wait until nature has run its course. This is the position with my injury. There are no opportunities for a swift return to action, I just have to be patient which at many times is not easy and extremely frustrating.

The wound on my foot has safely healed, which is great news. It means I can finally shower properly without having a giant condom style contraption over my leg. It's these little victories and small advances, which really count and make all the difference to ones pysche.

Making sure the wound healed was the most pressing priority of this entire first recovery period. You do not under any circumstances want to get an infection in it. So however tempting it is, to try and move things along, even after the stitches have come out, is a terrible idea.

Training Information

My training has gone from some very light sessions, to some pretty tough rehab; upper body and conditioning workouts. It always surprises me, when I get messages saying, “I am injured and I can’t do anything” or “How can I train, whilst injured?” The answer is, there is always a way. You just need to adapt but equally be very careful.

Some examples of the type of exercises I have been doing are as follows; I have been doing seated rowing, which is no fun. You take a normal rower and put a sturdy box at one end, you then just row with your upper body.

An example of a rower session I have been doing and for you to try is as follows. It basically involves “rowing” out 1000 metres and then “rowing” back – 16 minutes of actual exercise.

250 x metres – In 60 seconds -60 seconds rest

500x metres  -  complete within 2 minutes – 2 minutes rest

750 x metres – complete within 3 minutes – 3 minutes rest

1000 x metres – complete within 4 minutes -  4 minutes rest

750x metres – complete within 3 minutes  – 3 minutes rest

500x metres – complete within 2 minutes  – 2 minutes rest

250 x metres – complete within 60 seconds - 60 seconds rest

I am also performing upper body strength and mobility sessions. One of my goals, is to come back far more mobile, than when I finished off in Australia.

Mobility is something that I do every day, and always fit in, within my rest periods. Like most people I hate static stretching, it is the most boring thing ever invented.

I have found a different path to achieve my mobility goals, and I am taking a lot of the exercises and routines, from a book called,“Becoming a Supple Leopard”. If you have never read this book I highly recommend it. I am also following a lot of my own advice, from my 12 week training plan, ‘The Lean Gains Bodybuilding Guide” This whole plan was put together from all the information I have gleaned and learnt from 14 years of playing professional rugby over five continents.

What is my progress?

I am still not weighting bearing through my foot, so I am fairly restricted on what I can do. It’s very frustrating not to be more active or t0 be able to carry things.

I have actually purchased something called an iwalk or peg leg, which has meant, I have a little more freedom than being stuck on crutches. As a lot of you will know it’s very hard to get anything done on crutches, because you can’t carrying anything, or stand properly. The peg leg has meant that I can at least do that round the house and some standing upper body weights in the gym. I do look a bit like a pirate and some of the boys initially thought that I had lost my leg!!

If you want to try one your self you can Here.

Macintosh HD:Users:jameshaskell:Desktop:CqKY2FuWAAA8yjF.jpg-large.jpeg


What state is my body in? What’s my Diet?

I took this picture 3 weeks after the last one. As you can see I am making some progress, which is good news. Now that I am back in training, I have changed my macros to fit in with my new goals.

My original weight was 122kgs. Today I Weighed in at 121kgs. I am still pretty fluffy in certain areas, especially my lower abs.

My macros have changed from:

  • Protein 40%

  • Carbohydrates 30%

  • Fats 30%

To the following:

  • Protein 40%

  • Carbohydrates 40%

  • Fats 20%

I am currently on 3750 calories a day.

I am struggling a little to hit my daily protein intake but otherwise it’s actually been really easy. Matt Lovell (nutritionist) has been keeping his eye on what I am doing and adjusting things as I go. Chloe my wonderful Mrs., has been cooking and using her expert nutrition knowledge to keep me on track and progressing. (If you want to find out more, about what she does, you can visit

The one problem I have had is going over my fats every day. This as been down to eating too much possessed meat, like sausages, salami and chorizo. I have also been having whole milk in my morning shake, which I am swapping for almond milk. It sounds obvious, but I had no idea quite how fatty a lot of the stuff I was eating was.

Just a word of warning, the above details are based on what I do personally. This is not a suggestion for you to follow. Matt has known me for years, and has done my bloods, before all this started. Following my calories and macros will not turn you into a professional rugby player.

It could turn you into something resembling a Porta loo with a face. You need to be careful about what nutrition you follow.

I will keep you up dated on what’s happening in a couple of weeks. If you want to follow along, and perform your own transformation, then you can. I have a 12-week plan that includes nutrition, training and supplement advice. It’s over 650 pages long, so pretty full of everything and more you need to know and learn. So it’s your one stop shop for getting into great shape.

You can find it by clicking Here.

If you want to find out more, then follow my social media channels. I am always posting content on them that you will hopefully enjoy. I am putting up regular videos about my progress and what I am actually doing. Follow along on the various channels below.

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By way of introduction, if you are new to the blog and the James Haskell Health & Fitness site and/or channel. I have put together some examples clips of the sort of thing that we promote

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Pre and Post Op video

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