Gym Etiquette: The DO's and DONT's

Gym Etiquette: The DO's and DONT's

Everyone thinks going to the gym is the ONLY way to get fit. That is wrong! There are plenty of regimes and sports for you to participate in that will increase your heart rate, up your fitness and work on the sets of muscles you want.

But if the gym is your go to place to get your exercise then there is some etiquette that here at JH Bodyfire we think you should follow!


Firstly, the noises. We've all been to the gym and noticed the one guy doing the ridiculous screams and noises like the guys from the Kung Fu movies. Don't over exaggerate the fact you're working out, we all see you are, you don't need to force it! No one wants to be the annoying guy at the gym, just think of White Goodman in Dodgeball..

You don't want to be him.. we all hated him.

Secondly, the selfies. In this day and age most of us are victims to adhering to taking selfies, but the gym is one place where it should never happen!

You're there to work out, not have a photo shoot! Don't be the person lifting their tshirt up and tensing for a Instagram post, do that behind closed doors!

Finally, know your limits.

Everyone goes to the gym to get fit right? No one will judge you if you can't bench the same weight as the guy before. Keep within your limits. If you know you can only bench 60kg, then don't try and bench 120. It's pointless, you'll look more stupid for trying a ridiculous weight and failing instead of trying a weight you're comfortable with and being able to complete the sets. If you follow these steps then you should be fine! Take everything in your stride and know how you like to work out as a person.


Don't try and do things you're not capable of yet.. your time will come.

Don't try and copy the guy next to you because he's on bigger weights than you, you'll get there in due time. Remember take it one step at a time and with the help of clean eating and Hades, you'll reach your goal.


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Disclaimer: Hades will not make your selfies better, or your grunting any better so refrain from doing these in the gym please.

– Entry was posted on February 12th, 2015 by James Haskell

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