Group Rugby Fitness Session

Group Rugby Fitness Session

This is a JHTV throwback video that I did with some of the guys on a recent RugbyFit camp. I also invited down the top lads from London Muscle @LDN_muscle to take part in the session.

I have done quite a few things with LDN in the past and so wanted to show the boys the kind of detailed training we do for rugby. The idea was to put them through a session we would use in Pre-season training or during the season as a fitness top up. This session would mainly be for used for those squad players who don't get much, if any game time, over the weekend.

I wanted to share this session at this time, as we cover a lot of this type of training in my new RugbyFit EBook, “An Introduction to Becoming and Remaining Rugby Fit”.

Despite its title the book is not just for rugby players. Although rugby specific, aside from the chapters on recovery, conditioning, warm-up, nutrition, there are lots of useful drills, sessions and exercise which apply across any number of other sport disciplines as well as being of great benefit to anyone who fancies improving their training.  

If you want to find out more about the book and contents as well as to be able to preview sections from the book, then please click HERE.

The session we have filmed can be adapted to suit the equipment you have at home or in your local gym. Adjust to suit the machinery but ensure you keep the principles the same, in terms of the timings and rest periods. These types of session are really fun as you keep changing things up.

I have set-out below the reps and rest period, but do refer to the video to observe the exact technique required as well as understanding what it is you should be doing.

Warm up

  • Make sure you do a good warm-up for this session. At least 12 to 15 minutes so that you are warm and perspiring by the end

  • If you have a big group, then playing something like rugby volleyball or touch is a really good way to ease into it.

  • If you want more information about Warm-ups and what you should be doing then check this video out:


Session 1 – Power Endurance Circuit

You need to create three work stations. Working each one for 30-seconds. Then rest for a count of ten [10 seconds] and rotate to the next exercise. If you working in pairs or as we are in the video in a group, then you can structure things differently, i.e. one person works while the other person rests or two work and two rest and so forth..

Perform two complete rounds of the following three work station exercise. Remember for this to be effective you should be always working for 30-seconds allowing 10-seconds rest/transition between exercises.

- Station 1 – Prowler Push

- Station 2 – Tyre Flips

- Station 3 – SAQ Fast Feet with Down and Ups.

Rest for two minutes after completing the two full cycles.

Session 2 – Power Endurance

Work for 30-seconds then 10-seconds rest/transition between exercises

- Exercise 1 - Prowler Push - 10 metres with down and up

- Exercise 2  - Tyre Sledgehammer Kits

- Exercise 3 -  SAQ Ladder with Rugby Ball Ninjas

Perform two complete rounds of the above. Then rest for two minutes.


Session 3 – Wrestle and Sprint

Partner Wrestle – wrestle for 10-seconds, ideally getting your opponent onto his back. Then run to the 10-metre line, back to opposite furthest line and then sprint back to the middle.  Rest for 20-seconds.

Perform 5 reps of the above exercises

Then rest for between two to three minutes subject to your recovery rate


Session 4 - Runways

You are working for 20 seconds.

You run out 5 -metres and then back pedal to the start line.  Perform a down and up. Then run out to the 10- metre line. Perform a down and up, and return to the start line, performing a 3rd down and up.

Then sprint out as far as you can. You are working for 20 seconds.

Perform five 5 reps of this exercise in total

The Session is now complete you will be glad to hear.

Remember you can take parts of this session and bolt them onto the end of your normal training and weight sessions. Alternatively you can keep it as a standalone session.

If you want to find out more about our fitness and general workout activities, please click on the blog section of our site and select Fitness

We also have loads more videos on our YouTube channel that explain training and nutrition:

I always want to hear your feedback and see you trying out our sessions, so make sure you tweet @jameshaskellhf and instagram us using @JamesHaskellHF if you have any questions then you can submit them using #AskHask

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