You heard it here first - JHHF talks to the Lean Machine about all things fitness

You heard it here first - JHHF talks to the Lean Machine about all things fitness

It's Friday once again and as you all know by now, the Friday 1.30pm slot on JHTV means its entertainment time.

Quite amazingly, back by popular request for the third time in as many months are those two ne’er-do-wells The Lean Machine. Between us, I think it’s one of their Mums who keeps emailing in asking for more.

So to quote the Bryan Adams song – “Everything we do we do for you”, pending the results of the wire tap, by very popular demand and in keeping with what you asked us to do, here they are again.

We have done a number of videos with these YouTube Fitness gurus, covering all aspects, including some humorous role plays and job interviews.

However today’s show is an all together much more serious general discussions about Fitness and Training.

There are so many myths and nonsense spoken out there about and around these two subjects, it’s really refreshing to hear The Lean Machines be so open and clear about their beliefs, in today’s video.

If you want to learn more about training, then this video is a must watch for anyone looking to get results.

If you missed the earlier videos and would like to catch up or indeed have another look, they are all available through our website.

I have also done a home fitness session with the lads, which you can try yourself by clicking here.

Or if you want something a little more light hearted then see James take The Lean Machine through his quick-fire questions here.

Please do comment and let us know how you found today’s show.

We always reply to every relevant comment.

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– Entry was posted on December 11th, 2015 by James Haskell

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