2 Mins to Talk - Richard Madeley

2 Mins to Talk - Richard Madeley

This week we have a super special guest on JHTV. The one and only Richard Madeley. TV star, Radio broadcaster, Interviewer, Novelist – is there no end to this man’s attributes!

This week we have decided to step-away from Rugby for a short time to bring you this special interview. Richard is a busy man and everyone at JHHF thanks him for his time.

We find out whether he is ready to fight me. What makes him cry; His worst ever purchase and loads more. So watch the video to find out more about Mr. Richard Madeley in just two minutes.

To watch on our YouTube channel click Here.

If you are new to JHTV’s new show “2-minutes to talk” then you can check out some of our previous guests, which include

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– Entry was posted on March 4th, 2016 by James Haskell

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