Transform Your Body in just 12 Weeks!

Transform Your Body in just 12 Weeks!

The Full 12 Week Lean Gains Programme can be yours for just £37.99!

The programme includes nutrition, eating tips and exercise sessions for 12 weeks!

The reviews have been fantastic, and just look at the images above to see how this helped James get back to full fitness after his injury!

“It’s a fact. Thanks to James Haskell’s Lean Gains Programme my shirts don’t fit me anymore”
Roberts Hicks, Men’s Health Magazine

These are available to purchase as individual weeks or in smaller bundles if needed, but of course you make the best saving by purchasing the large bundle with the Introduction and all 12 Weeks included.

This guide is suitable for both men and women - The ambition is for men to gain size and develop lean muscle. For women, the aim is to develop muscle, as well as tone-up.

Unlike virtually all other programmes currently out there. We have nailed the nutrition side through creating a programme which teaches you how to look after your own nutrition requirements, which is the essential ingredient in any successful plan.

This is available as an ebook and accessable through the app. So you can view this on the go and in the gym on your phone or tablet!

– Entry was posted on April 11th, 2017 by James Haskell

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