Sorry Mrs Baldwin, 'a bit of dark chocolate' is not indulging - Hella Post-Holiday Fitness challenge, week 4

Sorry Mrs Baldwin, 'a bit of dark chocolate' is not indulging - Hella Post-Holiday Fitness challenge, week 4

Starting weight: 71.6(158lbs)

Weight Week 4: 69.5 (153lbs)

While spending a significant amount of time on MailOnline’s right-hand column, as you do, I spotted an article about Hilaria Baldwin. If you don’t know who Hilaria Baldwin is, the clue is in the name. She is the gorgeous 31-year-old wife of Alec, and she recently gave birth. In the wake of dropping a lil un, she also dropped her pregnancy weight, and fast – 8kg(18lbs) in 10 weeks, and allegedly “without even trying”. Naturally, I wanted to know how.

After finishing the article about Hilaria’s diet and lifestyle I had the same look on my face as if I had just smelled my sweaty gym kit. As well revealing that Hilaria is shunning meat (oh the HORROR), here is how the article finished: “She may not make a habit of eating it, but when she's craving something sweet, she'll indulge in a frozen Coconut Bliss Coconut Bar or a bit of dark chocolate”. Now, Hilaria seems very happy with her lifestyle and the way she eats obviously makes her feel and look amazing, but we clearly have very different ideas on what it means to ‘indulge’, ‘crave’ and ‘treat oneself’.

Most people, like my baws James Haskell and his stunning lady Chloe Madeley, advise a cheat ‘meal’. And I do try to do those, but I tend to end up with cheat days – or rather ‘cheat 24-hours’.

I ‘treated myself’ this weekend, ‘indulged’ even. Here is how that went down:

Friday night:

  • One whisky cocktail (Auchentoschanomnomnom)
  • Half of what may have been the best burger I have ever put in my mouth (The Venimoo venison/beef burger from Mac and Wild in London)
  • Half a venison steak with béarnaise, mash and gravy (me and my friend Bea share everything – even steaks and burgers)
  • Three ‘Mac and Wild teacakes’ (heavenly fluffballs of Italian merengue on Oreo biscuit bases covered in chocolate)
  • Half a bottle of champagne
  • Four (I think, it got a bit fuzzy at the end)
  • Cocktail Trading Co. cocktails – gin and tequila obviously.
  • Drunk food in the shape of a giant bowl of soy-bean spaghetti (I remember Drunk Sara thinking “it’s virtually no carbs GUILT FREE FOOD”) with half a packet of streaky bacon and ketchup.

Saturday hangover hell:

  • Eggs and bacon
  • Half a large cornet of Lindt Lindor pralines (the 340g one)
  • Eggs and smoked salmon
  • One Mount Gay XO old fashioned (I’m not a rum girl but that is one tasty cane spirit)
  • A double gin and soda
  • The rest of the pralines
  • Actual spaghetti (by this point I didn’t feel the need to subject myself to ‘carb-free’ pasta – diet was out the window anyway) and bacon and ketchup.

Then I passed out in a blissful state of carb-induced coma.

That, Mrs Baldwin, is how you f***ing ‘indulge’ and ‘treat yourself'.

Why did I just list all the of food and alcohol I crammed into 24 hours this weekend? Because I did this and I am still on target. This morning (Wednesday) I weighed 69.8kg. It’s up a few lbs from my weekly weigh-in on Monday, but honestly – it’s nothing which bothers me. Cheat meals/days/weekends are not the end of the world, in fact I would not be able to train four times a week and stick to eating clean if I wasn’t able to have at least one day off it all when I can eat and drink whatever I fancy.

– Entry was posted on September 15th, 2015 by James Haskell

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