Size Maintenance and Cardio

Size Maintenance and Cardio

When time is limited during the week and you don't get in as many sessions as you would want, I often try to combine sessions together, to achieve my goals. I don't make them any longer, as training for hours is not what I like to do or indeed what I would ever recommend. You can cover a couple of goals in one session however, whilst still training for no longer than an hour.

Todays video is all about a full body muscle maintenance session and some cardio/fat burning, which I did while I was on holiday with Chloe.

If you have listened to our podcast, which you can listen to here. You will know that I don't really believe in the whole whole mantra, couples who train together stay together. This was something rammed down our throats on Instagram by other members of the fitness fraternity.

My argument has always been a lot of what is suggested for couples to do in the gym, is pretty problematic and in some cases downright silly. However sometimes they get it right and when they do these types of sessions work really well and are a lot of fun to do in tandem.

Chloe is an equal match when it comes to training and works hard, which is a good thing, as I have no patience for people who play at it.

Obviously if you have ever read anything I have written about training, then you will know that I always talk about choosing one goal and sticking too it. So if you want to get bigger, then you do hypertrophy training, and you stick to that for a period of time. If you want to get fitter then you do cardio or circuit training and so on and so on.  You can combine sessions, but sometimes one will be detrimental the other.

For example, I wouldn't recommend trying to gain loads of muscle and also trying to get super fit at the same time.

There are of course like French verbs, exceptions to the rule and being a rugby player my whole week consists of me trying to fulfill various fitness aims, sometimes contradictory.

One thing which is clear is that during the season I am not trying to gain size (in truth this is not something I aim to do out of season either) However I would do weight sessions to maintain my strength, weight and power.

I would also then need to do cardio top ups to keep me in shape for the weekends game. I do obviously get a lot of my cardio work from rugby sessions with the team. I explain more of this in my rugby ebook “Introduction to Rugby Fitness”.

So when I am away on holiday for example, I try to combine my workouts, to attend to my maintenance needs in the mist efficient manner, i.e. the lower and upper body parts of the video, while keeping my fitness topped up and burning some fat.

This is the kind of session I would do in the evening after a hard days tanning, and eating. I try to put things into circuits as I find for me that’s the best way to train

Please watch the video for more details. Plus you can follow the session below. The session Chloe and I do is split into two parts. Note the form, process and execution for each of the exercises set out below as shown in the video.

Part 1 Lower Body Circuit

  • Ex1 Dumbbell Squat - 10 reps
  • Ex 2 Romanian deadlift - 8 reps
  • Ex3 Leg Extension - 10 reps
  • Rest 1 min

4 complete circuits of this.

Complete each exercise one after the other and then take your rest.

Part 2 Cardio and upper body circuit

  • Ex1 Treadmill sprint - 20 seconds
  • Ex2 Burpees - 20 seconds
  • Ex3 Mountain climbers - 20 seconds
  • Ex4 Star jumps

Move straight onto the upper body circuit.

  • Ex5 Incline dumbbell press - 10 reps
  • Ex6 Reverse flies - 8 reps
  • Ex7 Curl to press - 8 reps
  • Ex8 Overhead tricep - 8 reps
  • Rest 2 mins.

Repeat - 5 circuits

You complete the cardio section and then move straight on the upper body section. You then take your rest, and return to the cardio section and start again. 

As always let us know how you get on with the session and whether you enjoyed it.

This is a session I would definitely use my multiple award winning, all natural, informed sport approved pre trainer Hades and its female counterpart Hella.

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If you like these types of training sessions, but want to take things further then you can. I have written a 12-week bodybuilding plan you can get from our site here. It has all the training and nutritional information you will ever need to help you get in the best shape possible as well as learning valuable lessons and tips for a life-time training

– Entry was posted on January 25th, 2016 by James Haskell

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