Rugby HIIT Holiday Workout

Rugby HIIT Holiday Workout

A rugby player never rests!

On a recent break to the South of France before the World Cup, my old partner in crime Paul Doran-Jones and I decided to do a little fitness session outside on the terrace, to demonstrate you don’t need a gym or indeed even need to be a member of a gym, to undertake some meaningful exercise.

We wanted to keep the session really simple and use no equipment. We used our own bodyweight and each other’s to get a really positive and productive fitness session going.

There are always far too many excuses as to why people can't train on holiday. Mainly always to do with the fact they don't have access to a gym. This session destroys this myth as well as being really simple to follow and perform.

It is designed to help you:

Get fit and burn fat. It will also stimulate some muscle development and get a “Pump-on!!”

We recorded the whole thing on a Gopro camera to show you what to do.

We have split the workout into two parts. You can either do both together or split them up.

Part 1

The first part of the session is a high intensity workout aimed a burning some fat and getting fitness Hiit [High intensity interval training]. All very functional, which is great for rugby players.

You will be doing the following circuit:

1. Press-ups
2. Bodyweight squats
3. Walking lunges and reverse lunges
4. Burpees
5. Lizard crawl.


The idea is you perform all 5 exercises then you have a rest. You are working for 25 seconds on each set of exercises with a 10-second break in-between to enable you to get set for the next exercise.

Once you have gone through all 5 exercises, Rest for 1 minute 10 seconds and then start all over again.

You need to complete five full circuits of each set of exercises.

Part 2

This is based on “partner-resisted” work for which you are going to need a friend or training partner to help you with. The exercise that we are going to use are

1. Front raise
2. Side raise
3. Seated resisted shoulder press
4. Partner bent-over row.


Your partner works for 25 seconds on each of the 4 exercises. Then you work your way through them. You take your rest as you are helping your partner work.

You need to perform three complete sets of the exercises as above, all the way through.

You need to work for 25 seconds per exercise. So 4 x 25 seconds on each of the full group of exercises.

The idea is to complete three full sets.

It’s important to remember when you are working with your partner that you really work hard on your technique. As you get tired don't let your form slip, especially on the partner bent-over rows. Make sure you keep things slow and controlled.

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– Entry was posted on September 1st, 2015 by James Haskell

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