Mobility and Leg Building

Mobility and Leg Building

This week we are doing things a little differently, and releasing a training video on a Friday instead of our usual “2 minutes to talk”.

If you missed last week’s Friday release with the awesome Richard Madeley then you can watch it Here.

I recently got some time off would you believe!!

Now these aren't often words that come out of my mouth, as a professional Rugby Players diary is pretty relentless for 11 months of the year. In fact I must mention the fact we do rugby, all day, every day.

I bumped into a very nice lady the other day in the street, whilst out and about. She asked me what I did for a job, I said I played professional rugby. She said “oh yes, but what do you do for the rest of the time”.

I think some people still think we train on a Tuesday and Thursday night and the rest of the time we spend drinking coffee and playing Xbox. This could not be further from the truth, so when you get a holiday or a week off, you take it with open arms.

On this occasion I managed to get away for a week to Dubai which was awesome. However I still needed to train as did my partner in crime Mrs Chloe.

So today’s video is a session I did once I had been there for a day or so. I.e. the one day’s holiday I took!


I have spent this season working a lot on my mobility and even from when this video was filmed I have made some massive improvements.

As an aside. I bought the book “The Supple Leopard” and it has changed the way I do things. I can’t tell you just how useful it has been to me. If you want to make flexbility gains, then this is your starting point.

However that is a complete blog Article in itself, so I will save it for another time.

Todays training session is all about loosening up from the flight and getting some leg maintenance work in, while getting some muscle stimulus.

As you will see in the video I wasn't trying to go really heavy or break records as I didn't want to be sore. The idea of the holiday was to come back in better shape than when I left.

When I was younger I would often train as hard on holiday as I did at home. Which in hindsight was very stupid. You need to take your rest when you get it. Trust me if you don’t, it will get you in the long run

For today’s video and session, you can break it into two parts.

The first part features some foam rolling and mobility. The second is just be the leg weights session.

As always I want to know how you guys found the sessions. So please tweet and Instagram us @jamesHaskellhf once you have read this article and tried the workout.

If you take any photos then tag us and we will re post.


Part1 - Foam Rolling

Foam rolling - The idea behind this is to loosen up tight fascia. You are trying to unstick the tight areas. I also use it to crack my back and reduce stiffness. You don't have to go mad with this. You should just roll over the problem areas, until you feel them loosen to a degree you are happy with. Foam rolling hurts, so don't be surprised if you get some soreness. However if you feel real pain then you are doing it wrong and should stop. In the video I work through all the big muscle groups.


1      Thoracic Spine
2      Calfs
3      ITB bands
4      Quads
5      Glutes

Part 2 - Mobility

Watch the video for form and technique

Exercise 1 - Bodyweight Squats

2 sets of 10 reps

Exercise 2 - Bodyweight Side Lunges

2 sets of 10 reps each side

Exercise 3Bodyweight Lunges

2 sets of 10 reps

Exercise 4 - Hamstring  PNF Stretch.

Do the up and down movement as shown in the video, with 5 seconds hold at the bottom. Feeling a tightening sensation in your hamstrings

Exercise 5 -  Dynamic Hamstring  Kicks

2 sets of 10 reps each side

Part 3 - Leg Session.

All of these exercises are stand alone. So you complete the full three sets before you move onto the next exercise

Exercise 1  - Goblet Squat

3 sets of 10 reps.

Rest for 1 minute between sets

Exercise 2  - Leg Extension

3 sets of 10 reps

(There is a variation to this exercise, where you do 2 legs up, and 1 leg down. The idea of this is to really focus on the eccentric movement. I do this a lot when looking after my knees and looking to strength my quads)

Rest for 1 minute between sets

Exercise 3  -Walking Weighted Forward Lunges and Reverse Lunges.

3 sets of 9 reps.

(I didn't have enough space for 10 reps, but you can do them on the spot.)

Rest for 1 minute between sets

Exercise 4 - Single Leg Box Squats.

3 sets of 10 reps each side.

Rest for 1 minute between sets

Exercise 5  - Hamstring Machine Curls

3 sets of 10 reps

Now go and make sure you eat well and get some good nutritious food on board.

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– Entry was posted on March 11th, 2016 by James Haskell

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