How to perform a Deadlift - the right way!

How to perform a Deadlift - the right way!

Trying to build muscle is never easy!

It takes time and a lot of effort. Anyone who tells you different is lying to themselves and more importantly to you.

So be warned about quick fixes or get-ripped quick schemes.

I have written a 12-week plan, pouring all the knowledge accumulated over 15 years into something that will get you started the right way on your fitness journey!

While in 12 weeks it won’t make you look like the hulk!! It well get you some serious results if you stick religiously to the script as well as eat the right food to fuel your body in the right way to compliment your training.

However please don’t worry about the nutrition stuff as I cover off all this and more in the Lean Gains Bodybuilding plan

You can read more about the details of what’s covered in the plan by Clicking Here

The most important thing that will come from my plan, bar a new look body, is you will learn to train for life not just for the 12 weeks.

To prove it works we have got various people to try it and write about their experiences. One of these is digital editor of Men’s Health magazine,  Robert Hicks. His journey is written up in weekly blogs and can be found on our website.

Click Here

I always preach the importance of technique over anything else, so I caught up with Robert to take him through some of the key lifts in the program. I have been putting these up on my YouTube channel and on our Facebook page make sure you subscribe or like out page so you don't miss out on the latest things.

This week’s video is all about How to perform the perfect deadlift.

– Entry was posted on July 12th, 2016 by James Haskell

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