No Gym Fat Loss Workout

No Gym Fat Loss Workout

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In my new Book “Introduction to Becoming and Remaining RugbyFit” I talk all about the importance of bodyweight training for those just starting with gym training or for those working out for the first time. Equally how important this style of exercise is for those who have been training for a while.

If you want to find out more about my new book then you can visit or you can click the link below to read what’s in the book and why I wrote it:

Bodyweight sessions are great, especially as you don't need access to a gym or much, if any, equipment to get going. This means the session is easy to do and simple to fit into your schedule, whether you are at work, school, at home or whilst away on holiday.

Everybody rushes to lift weights, but nobody focuses on getting their body strong and fit through using their own body weight to train. You cannot underestimate how good doing bodyweight work is for your body and core strength gains.

I would rather be able to do 30 press-ups and 30 chin-ups, than bench 150kgs. It’s especially important if you are an athlete of some description. Rugby players for example  do a lot of bodyweight training as part of their daily sessions.

One session  really love doing at home, which is a great one to get the heart rate going, burn some fat and build muscle, is the following:

SESSION – Full bodyweight blast.

First - you need to properly warm-up. Please never underestimate the critical importance of getting yourself ready and your body warm for doing exercise

Warm-up – Check out our YouTube channel for the perfect warm up.


Perform the session in one continuous flow, pausing only to rest for the allocated time**. Then having rested immediately move onto the next exercise. See below for the next phase

** Please see warning note below

Exercise One - Press ups

Perform 20-seconds exercise then rest for 10 seconds

Exercise Two - Bodyweight Squats

Perform 20-seconds exercise then rest for 10 seconds

Exercise ThreeLunges

Perform 20-seconds exercise then rest for 10 seconds

Exercise Four - Burpees

Perform 20-seconds exercise then rest for 10 seconds


Exercise Five - Chair dips, or Bench dips, or whatever dips you can do!

Perform 20-seconds exercise then rest for 10 seconds

Exercise Six - Lizard Crawl

Perform 20-seconds exercise then rest for 10 seconds

Once you have completed the circuit. Rest for 1-minute and 30-seconds. Then perform a further five complete sets/circuits of the session. Taking  a break of 1 minute 30-seconds between each set.

** Warning:

Naturally the suggested rest and work times are wholly dependent on your prevailing fitness and training level. If you’ve never trained before and are massively over-weight, then you really need to ease into it.

There is no point going mental and then being put off training for life because you are exhausted. You need to make things attainable and to slowly build up. So remember you can adjust the work time and the number of sets. Then each time you train, you then add more time and more sets.

For those real beginners, I would invest some time and money in getting some good advice or finding good resources to follow. (Visit

My message to you is KEEP IT SIMPLE. Bodyweight work is a great way of doing this.

The session I have detailed above can be done anywhere: garden, park, hotel room, bedroom, wherever it might be. All you need to do is have a clear space. I do this type of session on holiday all the time. It works you hard. It is short, sharp and really hits the spot.

Just one point about the session, while you are trying to get your heart rate up, doesn’t sacrifice technique for speed. You are trying to do things dynamically but always with good technique

If you want more ideas about training then please take a look at our YouTube channel there are loads of videos on there to help you.

– Entry was posted on October 26th, 2015 by James Haskell

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