RugbyFit eBook Bodyweight Sessions

RugbyFit eBook Bodyweight Sessions

As you hopefully will have heard, I have written my first book, “An Introduction to Becoming and Remaining RugbyFit”.

In a nutshell, or to use that more common phrase, the elevator pitch, the book is all about:

The book covers off everything you need to know in order to become a better, fitter, more focused, stronger and bigger rugby player. It doesn't matter what age, gender or level you are currently at, you will undoubtedly gain benefit as a result of reading it and putting a number of the suggestions, training tips, nutrition advice into practice.

Why am I so sure it is any good?

Well I have poured twelve years of a unique rugby playing experience into the book. Experience gained as a result of being the only current International to have played in all four of the top domestic competitions in World Rugby. As well as working with a Who’s Who of many of the acknowledged best coaches in the World

However please have a good look at what the book is all about and view some of the content. Please visit here.

The book tells you when, how and what to do when training. As well as providing some fascinating insights into James’ personal views on the different types of training, which got him into the shape he is now.

However in order to give you a better and more comprehensive understanding of what’s in the book, we have decided to give you a little sneak preview every week, of some of the sessions we talk about and the depth of quality, detail and breadth of knowledge, which is contained within the book

Last week we did our first session on HIIT training, you can read more here.

This week we are looking at Bodyweight training.

Too many lads rush off to the gym to start doing bench presses, when they can’t even do twenty press-ups. There is absolutely no point in leaping to lift weights if you can’t even do ten pull-ups of your own weight.

So my recommendation to anyone who is looking to start training, is take a while to focus on some bodyweight work. It’s simple, safe and will help you develop technique for other weighted lifts.

Here is a sample session from my RugbyFit eBook to get you started with Bodyweight Training: 

Bodyweight Session

These are all stand-alone exercises. So you complete the specified number of sets before you move onto the next exercise.

Exercise One A - Press ups

3 sets of 10/20 reps (Rest for between 1-minute and 1-minute 30-seconds between sets)

Exercise Two A - Tricep dips

Bench or dip bars - 3 sets of 10/20 reps per set (Rest for between 1-minute and 1-minute 30-seconds between sets)

Exercise 3A  - Chin ups/pull ups

3 sets of 8 -15 reps per set (Rest for between 1-minute and 1-minute 30-seconds between sets)

The explanation of what this type of training is good for, where you can use it and what type of nutrition you should take pre and post performing the exercises, is all covered in detail within the book.

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We also have an exciting interview all about general fitness and training coming on Friday at 1.30pm on JHTV, with The Lean Machines.

So please stay tuned and make the touchstone and free information source for everything fitness, fitness, rugby, supplements as well as banter!


– Entry was posted on December 7th, 2015 by James Haskell

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