Big Legs and Rehab Bodyweight Session

Big Legs and Rehab Bodyweight Session

On the theme of keeping fitness simple and easy, we are releasing a small series of videos illustrating all the workouts you can do without needing a gym.

You can fulfill various goals without access to loads of equipment. You can achieve good results in general fitness, fat loss, rugby conditioning and muscle building. These sessions don't have to be long and can be done anywhere at any time, which is great for limiting your excuses for not getting involved!

The first session I showed you was all about burning fat. It's a great circuit. If you didn’t catch it first time around but would like the full details, then visit here. It’s really simple and as you can see from the video, can be done anywhere.

This week’s video is all about building leg muscles, which are great for those wanting to develop their lower bodies.

I have also used this session many times when I have been coming back from injuries. The idea is to build muscle and some endurance in your legs.  It is harder than it looks and will be give you some of the worst DOMS (leg soreness) you have ever had.

To get the best out of this workout I would do it a couple of times a week, with a maximum of three per week. I would add this session in on top of your normal leg weights workout.

So if you were going to visit the gym and do a leg session on a Monday, you could do this session at home on Tuesday as a top-up.  Like all these training sessions, the idea is you can execute them, anywhere, at any time.

If you want to make it harder then you can hold a weighted plate or kettlebell throughout.


Instructions for the session – This is a continuous circuit you should complete without any rest. You are performing 20 reps of each exercise, with the ambition of achieving three complete circuits.

Please view the video to see how the exercises should be performed. If in doubt please google them for full explanation.

1. Bodyweight Squat x 20
Straight onto

2. Dynamic Lunge change ups x 20 (10 reps each side)
Straight onto

3. Sumo Squats x 20
Straight onto

4. Step ups x 20 (10 reps each side)
Straight onto

5. Pistol squat x 20 (10 reps each side)

You should aim to perform three complete circuits of the above, all the way through, without rest. If you are new to training then please take it easy and rest when you feel you need to.

This session has been designed for an individual at any level, However if you are not used to training then I would increase the rest periods and make sure you don’t go mad to start with. You can extend or shorten this period, subject to your prevailing levels. Remember looking to becoming and remaining fit is about a lifestyle choice, not a sprint.

If you like this type of training and want to find out more about how I train as a rugby player, then you can preview the new book I have just written. It’s called an “Introduction to becoming and remaining RugbyFit”. It’s great for young players, old players looking to step-up a level; even those not specifically interested in rugby.

You will all get benefit and professional advice for your level of training. You can learn more here

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