2015 JHTV Fitness Review – Best of the Best

2015 JHTV Fitness Review – Best of the Best

As the Year draws to a close. Like a lot of shows on TV we thought we would do a bit of a “best of” compilation for this week and next week’s Monday 5.30pm Fitness releases.

When we look back over the past 12 months, we have created, filmed and shared a host of really valuable, free-to-air content and information, which we delighted to do so again.

There have been so many really informative and valuable tips and session shared by James that it is hard to pick out the best of the best.

So instead we have picked out a selection of shows, which we think are good and which we hoped you enjoyed watching, found useful and are happy to watch through again.        

Today we are going to focus on the Dead Lift. This is a key exercise for leg strength, posterior chain strength, and lower back strength extra. Although obviously it’s not an exercise exclusively used by rugby players, nevertheless I have found it key to my training.

It is an exercise which you must ensure to get the correct technique or you have the potential to really hurt yourself.

As always start with a small weight, that you can lift with perfect technique and then work up, always ensuring that you can still perform correctly with the additional weight. Key points for this exercise are: 

  • - Always make sure that your posture is correct: head up, chest up.

  • - Weight through your heels and never arch your back.

  • - When lifting remember that it is a lower body exercise, make sure that you feel the weight through your heels. You are not trying to yank the weight up with your upper body.

You can use two different types of grip: one hand over, one hand under. Or both hands on the same side. Personally I prefer to have a mixed grip. 

The whole idea of James Haskell Health & Fitness’s Master Class videos is to give you guys and girls at home some easy to follow tips to perform exercises in the most effective and safe way.

There are a huge number of different workout sessions available on line, but it is actually very common for a person not to know or fully understand how to do a particular exercise – either safely or at all!

I want to cut through the rubbish and give you some simple, easy to follow, tips that will help you enjoy your training, exercise safely and ultimately get the results you want. It’s important to note while all the advice I give you is as good and detailed as possible, I have been a professional rugby player for almost 15 years, so my body only allows me to do certain things!

I only lift with the best technique possible for me. I am restricted by range of movement and flexibility. However please just follow the basics, use the tips and you will be fine.

Anyhow please take a look at these two:

Finally a perennial New Year favourite - How to Bulk Up and Gain Size - Click HERE to read.

To bulk and gain size you need to tear and build muscle; you do this best by lifting heavy weights in the right set and rep range.


So there are 3 types of weight training:

1. Endurance training

Endurance training is lifting weights in a high set and rep range (4 sets of 12 reps).

Endurance is best for fat burning and lean muscle.

2. Strength training

Strength training is low sets and reps (1 rep max for example) allowing you to lift as heavy as possible and build overall strength.

3. Hypertrophy training 

This is the training you need to be doing in order to build serious muscle.

Middle set and rep range (3 sets of 8 reps).

You MUST go as heavy as possible WHILE COMPLETING all sets and reps.

Try to increase your weights every few weeks, but always ensure your form is spot on.


I recommend you you either train one body part a day, so for example:

Monday - Legs

Tuesday - Back

Wednesday - Core

Thursday - Chest

Friday - Shoulders / Arms

Or do split sessions, meaning you train 2 body parts a day, allowing you to hit every muscle group twice each week.

Cardio isn't something you should be doing if you're trying to gain size. Also, you should be getting enough of it from your rugby training and game playing.

Please enjoy and don’t forget to let us have any of your training or bodybuilding questions.

Use #askhask if on Social Media @jameshaskellhf or email us directly on askhask@jameshaskell.com

Please have a great Christmas and a very happy new year and thanks again for all you support over 2015

– Entry was posted on December 21st, 2015 by James Haskell

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