A Few Tips On Advance Meal Planning

A Few Tips On Advance Meal Planning

The ultimate balance between the right diet and the body you want takes time to put together.

Unfortunately it just doesn’t happen. The golden rule in getting this right and achieving the best results is preparation. The excuse you have no time to sit and eat food or indeed prepare and cook good food, just doesn't wash. I know this because it’s an excuse I have used myself many times!

Give yourself a little extra time and believe me what originally seemed like a struggle, will become easy.

Here are my top tips and must have “to-hand” items:

1)     Tupperware is your friend; it should be with you always. Sandwich bags also make great containers to carry nuts, seeds, food.

2)    Also important is to have frozen protein and vegetables. Fresh is best but when you don't have time, or can’t get to the shops, at least you will always have something on hand. Frozen berries, frozen chicken breasts, steam-able mixed vegetables and spinach to add protein shakes. 

3)    Double-up when you are cooking dinner, lunch or breakfast. Always cook more than you need. For example, if you are making two boiled eggs in the morning, then make a couple of extra and put them aside in your Tupperware to have later as a snack. Chili, eggs, steak the principle works for everything. This is the quickest and easiest way to always have food ready.

4)   Sundays are meant to be the day of rest, but in fact they are the corner-stone, preparation day. If you plan your week’s meals in advance, you can then make, freeze or refrigerate them. Then all you do is pop them out, re-heat and you are sorted. This is where your Tupperware comes in handy.

5)    Top things you need to add to your kitchen straight-away that will take your grazing up a notch!

- Protein powder; Whey is the best choice. Great for a snack
- Cayenne pepper - speeds up your metabolism and helps burn fat
- Chopped garlic - garlic has many health benefits as well as adding flavour
- Blender - you can put almost anything in one. It’s a great way to mix up greens/vegetables with protein, if you can’t be bothered to cook.
- Coconut oil - use this instead of butter for cooking and a spoon full in your coffee. Coconut oil is a special saturated fat, which is really good for you. It also doesn't change its composition like olive oil does when at certain temperatures. Also despite the name the taste is very subtle and not at all an overpowering coconut flavor. Trying is believing!   

However what is also critical to the overall plan, is the means to carry your food around with you when you are out and about,  ensuring it always stays fresh and chilled. I use what I feel is the perfect solution. It’s called the ISO Bag.

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– Entry was posted on October 31st, 2015 by James Haskell

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