Compound Lifts

Compound Lifts

The first thing to note is a large number of people under-estimate the value of building your arms through doing compound lifts.

For example a 'bent over row', a 'bench press' or a 'lat pull down', all of these will all hit your biceps and build them just as much as focusing directly on the bicep itself.

Compound lifts are essential in any exercise where you would do a full rep range. For example by undertaking a "push and pull” you are going to develop your arms.

Chin-ups, with either an “over hand” and “under grip” are great for building arm muscles.

However beware - a common mistake is to over train a muscle group; hammering the muscle constantly can stop it from growing and actually make the muscle shrink.

This is especially important to take into account when doing other non- specific arm exercises. So you need to remember if you are doing a push or a pull you, you will be impacting on your arms.

Remember if trying to build muscle you need to make sure you have a slow contraction, as well as extension. So for example, on the chin-up you want to lower yourself to a four count and then pull yourself up on a two count.

Everyone also forgets in order to get big biceps you need big triceps. These are often neglected but are essential to fill out those t- shirt sleeves.

So 'body weight dips', 'triceps pull downs' and 'narrow grip press ups' will all help build muscle.

Key to developing arms, as I have previously talked about, is nutrition.

Ensure you maximize this with supplementation. You can do so by taking protein, branch chain amino acids and a boost for a workout, such as my Pre-Trainer Hades, which is all natural but still delivers a great energy boost will in turn will help with the definition of your muscles as you drive on.

A little known process called occlusion* is great for building muscles. It involves wrapping either a wrist strap or a rubber sort of strap around the tops of your arms, not too tight, but enough to cause a restricted sensation.

You will then perform 20 Z-Bar curls and rest 30 seconds, keeping the same number perform this again aiming to do 20 reps.

However you may only get about 15 out of it this time, rest for another 30 seconds before trying to perform again. Try the 20 again for the third time but this time you may well find you can only do 8 to 10 of them. As soon as the last rep is finished on that set you must release the bands.

*There are a couple of different methods of doing this. You can release after every block of reps and then retighten. Be careful with this and if you are having any issues consult a qualified trainer.

The last thing is to feed your arms to help them grow.

Ensure you get your post training nutrition correct and generally increase your protein and carbohydrate in-take during this intense muscle building phase to help achieve those arms you want.

– Entry was posted on April 20th, 2015 by James Haskell

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