Chloe Madeley on Weight Lifting for Women

Chloe Madeley on Weight Lifting for Women

In an episode of JHTV, James sat down with Chloe Madeley to chat about weight lifting and body transformation for women. Chloe is a fully qualified fitness professional and nutritionist, and her website Fitness Fondue is widely considered one of the leading online women’s health and fitness platforms in the UK.

Chloe fell in love with health and fitness after seeing her body transform when she began weight training and paying closer attention to the food she ate. Not content with just transforming her own body, however, Chloe studied for all the necessary qualifications to advise others on how to do the same. Fitness Fondue was built as a result of Chloe’s studies, and now acts as a valuable resource that enables like-minded women around the world to get serious results from their training.

Why women should weight train

The ‘size zero’ look went out of fashion long ago. Take one look on Instagram, and you will see that the most coveted women’s physiques are lean and defined. This strong, healthy, athletic appearance is what the majority of women now train for – and for good reason. The immediate aesthetic benefits of weight training are obvious, but it also improves many other aspects of your health; including bone density, lipid metabolism (the rate at which your body burns fat), and insulin sensitivity (how well you tolerate carbohydrates).

Despite the amazing physical benefits that weight training provides, many women still avoid going anywhere near the squat rack in fear of becoming too ‘bulky.’ But it is an unnecessary fear, as women simply do not produce enough testosterone to build muscle like men do. Instead, lifting weights helps to create a lean, defined physique – and one that is fit yet feminine in equal measure.

Tailoring your training

In her conversation with James, Chloe talks about her training frequency; and how, even after years of training, she has still not developed a physique that is in any way bulky or masculine. Chloe also mentions how she tailors her training programme to suit her physique goals – meaning that if ever she does feel she is building too much muscle, she adapts her training programme to suit. This allows her to sculpt her body in any way she chooses and maintain the toned, athletic physique that so many women crave.

So next time you’re at the gym, girls, don’t be afraid to step into the weights section. No matter what your physique goals or current body composition, this is the place where you will most dramatically transform your body. Weights won’t make you look like a man; but they will help carve out that lean, defined physique that so many women strive to achieve. And guess what? You might just enjoy it, too.

– Entry was posted on September 4th, 2015 by James Haskell

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