Big, Lean and Tanned - Holiday Workout

Big, Lean and Tanned - Holiday Workout

Shredded, BLT = Big, Lean and Tanned, Fun – these are the words used to best describe all the things I try to achieve when I am looking to train whilst away on holiday.

I know the words training and holiday shouldn't really go together in the same sentence, but that is the wont and life of a professional rugby player. You have to keep everything ticking over, so you need to work-out when you get some time off, in order to avoid coming back as a complete mess. Of course you need your rest and down-time, but if you are taking a break in season then the simple fact is, you need to get some work done.

I always try to keep my training short, fun and ideally workout with a partner, so physiologically you do not have to leave the poolside on your own! I also try to do stuff that doesn't really require any gym space. However if you are fortunate enough to have booked into a hotel with a good gym, then that makes all the difference.

The following session is something I did on holiday a while back. It’s really simple and you can change out the exercises as you want. The idea of this session was go hard for a short period and then have the rest of the day to relax.

I get asked all the time about when I train and what time “should” you train. As with all things, it’s about what works best for you and fits in with your schedule. Personally I hate training in the morning – there I have said it. I always think it’s going to be a good idea, but somehow I never actually do it and when I do, it isn’t! Myself, I am a late afternoon/early evening trainer, ideally before dinner.

I did this session in the afternoon. I wanted to get some full body conditioning as well as a running element into this session. The full body blast is important for rugby as you require so many different energy systems and use your body is so many different ways. Just to let you know you don't have to wear super tight camouflage pants to perform the session!

If you want to hear my views on training and the different types of conditioning work I do, then I have written a new EBook “ An Introduction to becoming and remaining RugbyFit” to give its full official title!

It’s available to download through my website. However before deciding whether or not to do so, you can sample extracts from the book, to learn for yourself what’s exactly it is all and what is covered.

You can do so by following the link:

Remember It is not just for rugby players, but anyone who is looking to get fit in the correct way.

Anyhow back to the blog and my holiday training session. I have detailed the complementary session in full for you below to try out the next time you are in Marbella, Palma, the Greek Islands or where ever you like to holiday.  

Holiday Session


This is a full circuit. This means you perform one exercise after the other, without any break.

You take your break at the end of the set, when you have finished one complete circuits.

You are doing five sets in total.

* If you are new to training or have only just started then you may want/need to adjust the rest period as well as how many circuits you want to execute. Remember it is far better to be happy with what you do and build up slowly then knock yourself out in one session, then give up training as a result!    


Exercise One -  Press ups/Explosive press-ups  

Perform for 30-seconds

Allow 10-seconds to move onto next exercise if needed

Exercise Two - Bodyweight Squats

Perform for 30-seconds

Allow 10-seconds to move onto next exercise if needed

Exercise Three -  Lunges

Perform for 30-seconds

Allow 10-seconds to move onto next exercise if needed

Exercise Four - Burpees

Perform for 30-seconds

Allow 10-seconds to move onto next exercise if needed

Exercise Five-  Down and up shuttle

Runs over 20 metres

Perform for 30-seconds

Allow 10-seconds to move onto next exercise if needed

REST for two minutes between circuits

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